Air Conditioned T. Rex?

Featured image is of a member of the same kind, Allosaurus

Dinosaurs are mysterious, fearsome creatures. Children are almost mystically attracted to them. These colossal beasts once roamed the earth but nothing is left of them today besides scattered bones and periodic fragments of skin and soft tissue.  However, because of their incredible popularity, they are perhaps the most well-studied fossils of all time. Due to its status in popular culture, the Tyrannosaurus rex is perhaps the most well-known and well studied of all time. Due to a recent study, T. rex is in the news again. However, this time, it is for a surprisingly modern reason.

Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most well-known dinosaurs, and more mostly complete skeletons for the king of dinosaurs than most, with around fifty on record. There is some debate, as there usually is among taxonomists, exactly how to classify T. rex, with some scientists wanting to lump other members of the Tyrannosaur family into T. rex, while others disagree. Creation baraminologists have placed all the Tyrannosaurs along with a few other similar dinosaurs in the same kind.

T. rex is so popular that the United States Postal Service recently released special “forever” stamps with images of a hatchling, juvenile, adult, and fossil T. rexes on them. Of course, the postal service made sure to include feathers on the T. rex hatchling despite no T. rex ever being found with fossil feathers or even filaments and the experts on Tyrannosaurs openly admitting they did not have feathers. This is in spite of the fact that at least one T. rex has been found with intact soft tissue.  Anything to promote the narrative to the public apparently.

It has been proposed, though it can likely never be demonstrated completely, that T. rex was sexually dimorphic, meaning it would have been possible to tell which gender of T. rex was walking towards you…if you bothered to look in a post-fall world before fleeing.  There is much debate over the spindly arms T. rex and what their purpose was. Some paleontologists speculate they were used to hold struggling prey while others claim they could actively tear apart their prey with their arms.

T. rex’s head has also been the subject of some speculation. Some paleontologists have speculated that T. rex’s head was simply too big and fragile due be a predator and that the king dinosaur thus must have been a scavenger. Others have disputed this since most of the organisms it ate were quite quick and would have required a certain amount of pace to track down and kill.  I personally prefer Dr. Tommy Mitchell of Answers in Genesis’ answer to what T. rex ate. “Anything it wanted”.

However, it is the most recent study about T. rex which has drummed up a few interesting comparisons. Researchers looked at the dinosaurs head.  There are two big holes in the T. rex skull. These holes, called dorsotemporal fenestra,  are thought to have been points of entrance and exit for muscles in the T. rex skull. Researchers wanted to know why.  To do so, they examined the skulls of alligators with thermal imaging. This is frequently done in studies of dinosaurs since it is quite impossible to do thermal imaging on the skulls of living dinosaurs.   According to this study, based on the appearance of the skulls of alligators, T. rex did not have muscle in the dorsotemporal fenestra. Instead, these holes were passages for blood vessels which served as the T. rex’s built-in cooling system.  In other words, these blood vessels were the T. rex’s air conditioning system.

Obviously, there are significant flaws with this study at the outset. It is not possible to study the head of a live T. rex. Alligators are not members of the same kind as T. rex but both are reptiles. It is possible that they would share similar designs for cooling themselves in hot weather.  Calling this an air conditioner might be a stretch: it is not fanning air onto the T. rex. However, it was having a cooling effect on the massive dino, which would have been incredibly useful in a pre-flood world where the climate was much different. This research is intriguing, but certainly not definite.  It would be interesting to see what develops as a result of this research. Either way, it is not something that creationists should fear.


  1. As a creationist i think this is all wrong. There are excellent youtube videos showing how bird like the t rex was. i say that it was just a great flightless ground bird in a spectrum of diversity. there were no dinos nor were they reptiles. they were just kinds but the theropod dinos were just birds. They had wishbones, feathers, and probably were not as heavy as thought. there was once tERROR birds that were bigger then our present big ground birds like emu etc. Just continue the size and you have a t rex and the death of dinosaurs as a group.


    1. I’d argue the vast majority of things called dinosaurs are reptilian. There is no evidence of feathers, wings, or any other feature of birds in Tyrannosaurids, something even many leading evolutionists admit. There are a few birds which have been misclassified as dinosaurs (mostly dromeosaurs) in order to make the evolutionary argument but a close examination of the evidence tells a different story than the one evolutionists tell us.


  2. I wish to persuade you. Feathers is a small matter but they do find them on theropod dinosaurs from what I have resd and watched. However the likeness of theropod dinos to birds is so great THATS why they insist birds evolved from them. they did not. Its a misclassification as i suggest. yet they are wonderfully like birds.
    there is a grat youtube video called the dinosaurbird about the modern cassoway. likewise there is a video called 10 mistakes about dinosaurs. (I think those are the titles from memory)
    there is no reason to see theropds or others as reptilian. in fact as a creationist i don’t agree God created reptiles. instead they are unrelated creatures with like traits in minor ways. lIkewise no such thing as mammals.
    the famous advisor to the jurassic parks, HORNER?, has a youtube about a hope to turn chickens into some type of dino bird. however he does stress t rex is just a creature that has bird trailts, like wishbones etc, from whence birds evolved.
    i see in all this a creationist opportunity to do a smarter job in classification and so contribution. i see in this a chance to rid ourselves of the dinosaur group and story as if different from other creatures. Instead they just get squeezed into modrn KINDS of creatures, or some extinct, and to me its VERY PERSUASIVE that theropoddinos, trex too, are just dumb flightless ground birds.
    just a entry level idea I’m suggesting for you. the youtubes and wiki would help your basic info. YES i do think and hope that fossils now and in the future will show feathers aplenty on these former dinosaurs..


    1. Robert, thank you for your comment. I’ve read extensively on this topic and I’m listening to the experts, including both creationists and evolutionists who insist dinosaurs had no feathers. This includes Dr. David Menton of Answers in Genesis, as well as Dr. Alan Feduccia, Dr. James Hinchcliffe, and Dr. Theagarten Lingham-Soliar on the evolutionist side who point out what is percieved as feathers is often no more than collagen fibers. I refer you to Dr. Menton’s excellent article on the topic as well as my previous articles and YouTube videos on the topic. , and


  3. I have read also the articles in the creation magazines, i think the one you quoted. Many EXPERTS on the evolutionist side do say feathers are found greatly in theropod dinos. it would be hard to fossilize them especially with ground birds. I know about Feduccia and he is attacked by his fellow evolutionists, just wiki, and is unique.
    Its not about experts but about the merits of evidence and a general concept of classification.
    i can only argue on that. YEC creationists do not make any good arguement about why theropod dinos are so bird like. just some vague presumption they are reptiles with like traits.
    Well all we know is that there are KINDS. then it seems there are kinds of birds. aS the raven/dove story on the ark shows. wE don’t know there are reptiles or dinosaurs. thats human ideas whether right or wrong.
    By the way. if they found feathers on a theropod dino would that mean something to you or would it just be a feathery reptile??
    i mean these creatures laid eggs, had bird bones, wishbone, feet, (possibly feathers) and heads and voice very like birds. From the youtube videos I pointed to you.
    It helps creationism so much to kill the dinosaur. I think creationists will conclude this in the future. iT makes more sense to reduce biology into manageable kinds.


    1. I must say its a pleasure to have an intellectual discussion with another creationist. Most of my comments are from people who hate me or think I’m a liar by default 🙂 I think there is too much evidence at present for dinosauts being reptilian (scales, bone structure and their historical description as reptilian dragons) to suddenly see them as a strange form of bird. The only reason to do that was the aforementioned misclassifications, some frauds, and the evolutionists desparate need of a link between dinosaurs and birds. I refuse to overturn 150 plus years of classification, some of which was done by creationists, based on the needs of evolutionary dogma. However, if at some point some creature which is definitely reptilian rather than bird like shows up with feathers which are not Archeoraptor esque fakes, then I would reconsider that position. At the moment, no such creature exists to my knowledge so I’m content to continue with the weight of evidence and history firmly on my side.


  4. thats okay. yes there is malice and hatred from those of the opposition who are most passionate. i find its the norm. Also i find everybody easily gets tough when told thier ideas are wrong.
    I don’t care if they treat me bad because they instantly discredit themselves because intergrity and kindness is Gods traits and so the better mans traits. Also I do expect the bAD GUYS to be badder. It makes sense to me like in a movie or something. Yes we need people like you to make the work/effort to create blogs and then we see you guys get hurt and dispirited. We must believe that advocacy for truth will prevail and/or maintain the truth’s fortresses. We need more creationist common soldiers also to rock and roll on these things.
    anyways I suggest you seek out the dinosaur bird/cassoway video and Jake Horner ones for fun and a hope you see thier error and see yEC chance to kill the dinosaurs once and for all and have then in reduced kinds for the ark etc. Merry Christmas from Canada


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