Elder’s Model of Baraminology


Host Emory Moynagh introduces Todd Elder’s model of created kinds and discusses what he likes and dislikes.


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  1. Amen to this guy saying creationists should go TOP DOWN when figuring out kinds etc. I think the original KINDS not only looked unlike anything we know today, because it was pre fall, but they were meant to have glorious meaning in creation. they were not just too dumbly walk around eating. thier bodies have important contributions in a universe where they would never die.
    therefore its likely they were very few kinds.
    i think classification must change indeed. All biology can be squeezed into fewr kinds then creationists do now. especially since the ark started the thing all over of organizing into kinds.
    I don’t think reproductive compatibility is relevant. i think marsupials are just placentals with minor adjustments. I think there is simply a great mechanism for speciation that includes the conclusion humans are a great many species. Possibly at least 70 since the tower of babel.
    anyways a great subject and interesting thoughts fro him.


    1. I’m hesitant to contract kinds too much since the Biblical narrative refers to reproduction consistently when discussing kinds. Reproduction has to be a big part of defining a kind if not sole part. But I completely agree with Elder in that we need to take a top down rather than a bottom up approach that the evolutionists and, frankly, most baraminologists take.


      1. indeed it must be impossible for different kinds to reproduce. therefore it they can reproduce its proof they are of the KIND. likewise even if they can’t reproduce it must have more evidence they are not the same kinds. for example many horse types can’t make offspring yet obviously are just horse types. they have due to speciation lost the ability to reproduce.
        once in australia there were marsupial wolves and lions. They were just the same things as elsewhere but probably could not reproduce with non marsupial wolves and lions.
        Speciation is a real mechanism that can interfere with reproductive compatibility and hide that creatures still are of the same kind despite this barrier. yet kinds can’t reproduce amongst each other. I see the wolf, bear, and probably the seal as of the same kind off the ark. yet nbreeding them successfully to have kids would seem impossible. Unless someone tries!


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