Thou Shalt Not Dissent

The culture war is progressing rapidly in the wrong direction. I’m fairly certain most of us know this. If you didn’t know it already, here is your wake up call.  The People’s Republic of New York recently passed a law that made it illegal for those who run pro-life ministries and clinics to fire people who have abortions or ask about potential applicants’ views on abortion.  The governor of New York, the same man who legalized abortion on demand up to birth in New York earlier this year, signed it into law on November 8th.

While this law is currently undergoing a challenge in the court system, recent court decisions in the Stalinist gulag of California, and across the nation do not give cause for optimism. Basically, every pro-life law passed by state legislatures this year has been overturned by the courts and in California, the individuals who exposed abortion provider Planned Parenthood’s federal crime of selling aborted fetal tissue were found liable in a civil lawsuit for harm done to the abortion provider and were ordered to pay a large settlement to the abortion giant.   Unfortunately, the courts seem more interested in protecting murderers than they are in dispensing justice for the victims.

However, beyond the court’s unjust decisions, there is another issue in play here which I think many Christians are missing.  That is a climate of compulsory compliance.  This is where many in the liberal and even more conservative churches do not seem to grasp.  Acceptance is not enough when it comes to anti-Biblical doctrines.  You must embrace them or else be forced to comply or cease to exist. This is just the first step towards total totalitarian control of churches.

If you doubt this, examples abound. A political candidate recently stated that churches which would not conform on the issue of homosexuals and transgenderism would be forced to give up their tax-exempt charity status, or comply with the LGBTQIA+ mafia’s demands.  Well known and popular fast food restaurant Chick-Fil-A has recently caved to LGBTQIA+ mafia demands and announced they would stop donating to groups that the mafia had classified as “hate groups”.  Their newly announced charitable list contains no charities which take any stand on homosexual “marriage”.  As much as I have previously disagreed with Matt Walsh at the Daily Wire, he is right about one thing: Chick-Fil-A will soon discover that compromise with an angry mob never pays.

Realistically, this should have been expected. Throughout history, true Christians have been persecuted for their beliefs.  It is only these few recent centuries where persecution stopped being a thing in the west.  Honestly, this has proved to be something of a negative. While whole generations of Christians have lived and died in peace, the church has atrophied in peace. What is meant by that is its spiritual muscle has decayed from lack of use.  As Christians faced no real challenge from the culture, they no longer had to be as knowledgable.  With lack of knowledge came spiritual laziness which has crippled the church. Given that there is so much bad doctrine in the church and so many people who are culturally Christian but do not know Christ, this persecution that is coming might turn out to be a good thing.

I think we all know that the government will eventually crackdown on any dissent from the LGBTQIA+ mafia. The question has moved from if, to when, as New York has kindly demonstrated for us.  That being the case, it becomes a question of what we are doing to prepare? How will your church respond when its tax-exempt status is threatened? What will your pastor do if the state requires him to submit his sermons for approval? How will we as a church respond to these things….because they are coming.  The culture is rapidly growing more hostile to Christianity and it is manifesting itself in the laws and the courts. What will your church do when the dam breaks and persecution comes? What will your church do when they are given a choice between compliance and prison? These are questions we need to start asking now, so we know what to do when it happens…because it is going to happen and probably soon.

Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.



  1. Worse in canada. Indeed demanding one be pro life to work for a pro life group should be obvious. i guess they are being wicked under some pretence that being tax exempt etc makes the group under obediance to labor laws about not rejecting people on thier opinions or doing legal things. the big point here for me is that pro-lifers can make noise and show how abortionism is divisive and intrusive .It seems spiteful and i think pro lifers will see that and reasonable people generally. maybe a mistake eh of this governor.

    i like the legal troubles in america because I INSIST the roe vs wade decision must be the target of prolifers. they must do a better articulate winning arguement to america why the roe is wrong.
    This is the target and not chump chane state laws.
    Prolifers are right , legally right too, and roe should not exist. We need better lawyers.
    Where is abe Lincoln?


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