Scientists Biases Confirmed

Christians have complained repeatedly about academic bias against them, particularly in the sciences.  Now a study has confirmed that there is a bias, not just against creationists, but against Christians in general.  It turns out, the theistic evolutionists’ attempts to make themselves respectable in science, just are not working because atheists, who dominate science, hate Christians, regardless of their views on creation.

Researchers from Arizona State University conducted a couple of studies that were published as one in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One. The first study looked at how students perceive bias against Christians in science. In this study, less than half of the students who responded were “Christian” by the loosest possible definition of the word (ie Catholic, mainline Protestant, Evangelical, Mormon, non-denominational). Never-the-less,  over half of the students surveyed believed that discrimination against Christians is a problem in the sciences. 35% believe it is not rare for a Christian to be discriminated against in science.  While this is only around a third, almost 41% had no opinion, which means, of those that had an opinion on the topic, over half believed discrimination against Christians in science is at least relatively common. Interestingly, every group of respondents, even students that self-identified as non-religious, perceived discrimination against Christians. This makes sense. People who have an opinion may either have experienced discrimination personally or know someone who has. However, this does not prove discrimination is common. One professor at one university might heavily bias the numbers by having an outspoken anti-Christian agenda which the students could pick up on and report as discriminatory.

Once the researchers had accumulated this data, they polled professors in the sciences who would potentially be hiring PhD candidates into their labs.  The researchers emailed a resume of a fictional student to a hiring PhD along with a survey that asked the professor to rate the applicant based on their perceptions of the student.  The researchers’ fictional student had held the presidency of one of three fictional groups: an atheist group, a Christian group, and an activities group. On a seven-point scale, scientists rated atheists as more competent by three-quarters of a point.  However, this is not statistically significant so the researchers claim that there is no strong evidence that there is discrimination among scientists in all situations.

However, the third study does indicate that there is definitely a bias against Evangelical Christians in science.  In this study, the scientists repeated the study but changed the variable. Instead of the student being president of an organization, the scientists were presented with a recommendation letter. One emphasized the applicant’s faith and religious work, the other emphasizing their work for the secular UN organization UNICEF.  Not surprisingly, atheist and Christian faculty alike rated the applicant who emphasized faith as less competent and likable than the applicant who did not. Atheists had a much stronger unlikable rating than the Christian professors did. It is not surprising that the Christian professors also rated them poorly as many of them are theistic evolutionists who have palpable contempt for the average Christian in the pew who doesn’t share their compromised views.

While these are not quantifiable data points, the researchers point out that they received numerous emails from study participants which made it clear that the respondent had a strong bias against Christians in general, not just Evangelicals. They also received others claiming no bias. They speculate that bias does not just manifest in Ph.D. programs. They suspect it shows up in discussions of human evolution, for example, though perhaps not in other contexts.

Of course, this is hardly surprising to anyone paying attention. Top-level scientists both in the US and abroad have been making anti-Christian statements for decades. It is, however, useful to have such an empirical study backing up what most of us know: the scientific world hates Evangelical Christians. They are not unbiased arbiters of truth. They are pursuing an eminently secular agenda which is strongly opposed to Scripture.  I suspect, were more research done, it would reveal that the secularists are only interested in finding employees for their labs who, when they graduate, will articulate the same talking points they do, thereby perpetuating the evolution myth in perpetuity. Unfortunately, this stranglehold secularism (yes theistic evolutionists I am including you) has on science is unlikely to be broken in the foreseeable future.

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  1. I say its impossible everybody is not predisposed/bias about everybody. then amongst some, in this case Christians/creationists, because they already know we don’t agree with some conclusions, have our own conclusions, and are stubborn. I say its a more innocent human failing. I find it amongst creationists towards creationists. People are biased and act accordingly as they see people being fixed in thier positions.
    The upper classes simply are more convinced in themselves and/or dumber about things.
    yet i see bias as a human problem. Who is less biased then others? Any conclusion would be biased likely. i think its just likly those who get hurt by bias learn to be less so. So creationists are less biased. Not all though.


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