Note: Due to a position I hold, I have chosen to use a pseudonym to prevent there being any possibility of confusion between my personal ideas and the company I work for. 

In His Image was founded as a conservative Christian response to compromise within the church on issues related to the foundational authority of the Bible (the first eleven chapters of Genesis) as well as the churches repeated compromise with the secular culture.  Driven by founder Emory Moynagh’s passion for science and the Bible, In His Image strives to equip and challenge the church to stand for the truth of Scripture in an increasingly wicked culture.

Emory Moynagh

I graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a B.S. in Biology and am currently enrolled in a master in biology program.  I then worked as a high school science teacher for two years, before transitioning into a role in quality assurance with a vitamin company. After three years there, I moved on to do scientific research. My personal interests in apologetics stems back to high school where I was introduced to the teachings of Ken Ham, ICR, CMI, and others. This created a passion in me for Creation Science,  the Bible, and all things science-related. I had always loved science, but with this introduction to the harmony between science and my faith, I was absolutely hooked on science. This passion has endured to today and has provided the purpose for this blog.



Guest Contributors


Jeremy Sanders

A passionate conservative with a deep theological mind, Jeremy joins us to write on how theology relates to culture. His essays are long, detailed, and thorough. A military officer, Sanders’s writing reflects a passionate commitment to the Word of God and Christian living.



Past Guest Contributors


Nicholas Keith

Nick and I met at Pensacola Christian College.  He was introduced to apologetics there and quickly became passionate about it. He is an AWANA leader in his home church and has been for ten years. He loves people, and loves to entertain. Nick has a knack for taking complicated concepts and using humor to make them easy to understand.  He joins In His Image as a guest contributor.


Rose Bowrie

Rose is passionate about creation, the Bible, and the authority of God’s Word. She joins In His Image as a guest contributor, writing about scientific and theological concepts from a layman perspective, making them clear and easy to understand, even for those without degrees in those fields.


Karem N.

Karem is a native Spanish speaker and works in the healthcare field in her native country. She joins In His Image as a translator. She will be translating articles into Spanish as her schedule allows.