A Personal Testimony

The Christian culture was focused on being entertained, not the Word of God.  I’ve since recognized that what I saw in college was indicative of Christianity as a whole. As I’ve visited churches over the years, I’ve observed an overwhelming lack of desire to commit to God, even in conservative churches.  Most Christians pay lip service to their religion but have no interest in inconveniencing themselves to serve God.

Why In His Image Exists

In all the excitement over Creation and Evolution, it is easy to forget the point of us being here.  I just want to take a short period of time here and remind everyone what the whole point of this ministry is and why it matters.

The whole point of this ministry revolved solely around Jesus Christ.  That’s it.  Without Christ, this ministry is pointless.  

The New State Religion

S Lewis, in the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia series presents a Narnia taken over largely by evil. The enemies of Narnia are running the show and the worship of Aslan has been prostituted to support the new state religion, It is a religion that takes from the people for the benefit of the few elites, and combines the worship of Aslan with that of the evil false god Tash. While the allegory to the last days of the Bible is rather weak, and there is a significant heresy contained in the book (Aslan, supposed to represent Christ, accepts the worship of a follower of Tash, the Devil, done in good faith), the scenario itself it prophetic.

A Hard Look at Reality

This article has been very difficult to write. But I wanted to let people know what is going to happen…