Welcome to the Resources page! At In His Image, we are very interested in providing resources that can equip you to better defend your faith. To that end, we are offering several free resources. Some of these are ours, others are from friends of In His Image. Please feel free to download and use. We will continue to add resources as we have the opportunity. If you’re a creation scientist with free resources you want to reach the public with, feel free to contact us and we will consider your material.



Created Kinds, Baraminology and the Creation Orchard

We reviewed this book here but we wanted to add a few thoughts to our review. This book presents a very solid, understandable overview of the Creation vrs Evolution controversy, as well as providing a created kind model that accounts for plants, something most simply ignore. Well worth the read.

Elder's model

Elder’s Model of Created Kinds

In this book, Todd Elder expounds on his created kinds model.  While much shorter than the other book we host here, this book contains a bit more technical detail and is aimed more towards the creation science enthusiast, not so much the general church audience. It is not too complicated for the layman, however, and can be read and understood readily.