Where have we been?

Those of you who have followed us for years (thank you by the way), may have noticed we have not been posting very much in 2022. Even in 2021, the number of posts was down. The reason we have posted so little has been that Emory has been completing his master’s in biology. As of this past week, that is completed. That means, Lord willing, we will be able to post more frequently to this site. However, there will be some changes.

For those who followed us on social media, those have largely gone away. Very little engagement came to us through them and they took up time and energy to maintain posting to them regularly. For what is essentially a one-man operation, it simply was not sustainable. That and being on certain social media made us a target, while at the same time ensuring our content was suppressed. Thus our social media presence will probably remain minimal.

Our YouTube channel and our podcast provider were both deleted as well. The podcast provider was costing us money for about five views per podcast so it was not worth keeping. The YouTube channel contained content that was not of the highest quality so we deleted it as well. Further, we have decided to split our YouTube content between two channels. One will be @inhisimage, which will contain our cultural and theological content. The other will be @creationbiology which will contain our science content. Both will still be featured here, on the inhisimage.blog website. However, YouTube channels tend to do better if they are a little more specified. Therefore we have created two channels to handle the content. The “explainer” video has gone up on both channels.

Further, our science content is going to take on a different form. Instead of simple topical videos, we are going to read papers we believe are significant and comment on them. There will still be periodical topical videos and hopefully some interviews with creation biologists to talk about their work. However, the focus will be walking through peer-reviewed papers and helping you, the audience, understand their meaning.

Our culture/theological content will probably take on a more openly theological perspective than before. This is for two reasons: one, it is no longer tied directly to our creationist content so the audiences will overlap less. Because the audience overlaps less, we can speak on issues that might offend half the creationist audience. Two, the world continues to get worse and, as such, responses must be stronger. Ideally, we would like to interview people on this channel as well but we’ll see how that goes.

This is where you, the reader, come in. If you have someone you want us to interview (keep it realistic, the big wigs don’t want to interview with a channel with no subs), or if you have a paper you want us to cover (within biology), feel free to suggest it in the comments. We will try to cover them as we are able.

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