The Woke Zombie Fungus

I want to introduce you all to an organism. That organism is a humble little fungus. This fungus is entirely unassuming and would hardly be noticed by humans. Except this fungus is a special fungus. It turns insects into zombies! More importantly, it is a helpful teaching analogy.

The Cordyceps fungus is found in the jungles of South America. There are many types and each is specialized for a particular type of insect. We will use ants for our example but most insect types have at least one species of Cordyceps fungus that infects them.

When an ant is infected with Cordyceps, the ant does not initially appear to change. It looks and acts just like it always has and continues to move in and out of the colony. As it does so, the Cordyceps begins to spread in a filamentous network throughout the ant’s body. However, soon worrying signs appear. The ant starts to be bad at its job, constantly playing with its antennae, and so on.
The other ants in the colony quickly realize their comrade is infected with a deadly fungus. If they don’t act rapidly and decisively, the fungus will spread spores throughout the entire colony, wiping them all out. So they grab the infected ant and take it as far away from the colony as possible.
As Cordyceps reaches the brain of the tiny ant, it begins compelling the ant to climb up a stem or leaf. Once it reaches the right point, the fungus forces the ant to latch onto the stem or the leaf and lay there. Then the ant dies. Cordyceps does not care that it killed the ant. It simply produces a fruiting body and sprays its spores on the forest floor for the process to start all over again.

The process described above sounds gruesome, even macabre, but it describes what is going on in the US right now. Allow me to explain. There is a saying: get woke, go broke. It’s true to an extent. The problem is, the woke do not care. The woke are Cordyceps. They enter an institution (the ant above) with the intention, not of making the institution woke, but of making more woke people. They do not care if they kill the institution in the process. In fact, if they do, that’s an added benefit because they killed part of the existing society that they want to destroy anyway.

You cannot fight the woke with boycotts alone, because they do not care about profits. Profits are just a bonus. Now boycotts are excellent and helpful as a part of the answer. They are the equivalent of the ants taking their infected friend away from the colony. That should happen to minimize the damage the woke do. The Daily Wire introducing chocolate after Hershey’s went full woke is an excellent example. But it’s not enough.

Cordyceps still infects ants. Why? Because they don’t kill the Cordyceps, they contain it. What happens when the woke fungus infects our anti-woke start-ups? We can’t continue to rebuild what the woke destroy or parasitize. Eventually, we need to break out the disinfectant. Ants don’t have the disinfectant options we do, but they use the tools they do have. They remove the infected from the colony. Humans can’t even be bothered to do that. Conservatives are still giving money to Disney World and still sending their kids to public school to be infected with the woke fungus.

Fighting Cordyceps for ants would mean not just getting rid of the infected, but deliberately cleaning every member of the colony of spores and actively killing Cordyceps fungi wherever they are found. Fighting woke in humans will require something similar. People within the conservative culture will need to be carefully examined for signs of the fungus. When the fungus is encountered within the colony, it must be immediately and totally expunged from the conservative movement. When woke is encountered in the political sphere, it must be killed. If that means killing public education, so be it. All it is doing right now is infecting children with the zombie fungus anyway. If that means recalling governors, senators, representatives, school board members, or whatever, so be it. The zombie fungus has to be stopped before it wipes out the colony.

Stopping the fungal infection in our society can only be achieved if we all get on the same page, now. We can’t allow the fungus to continue to turn our children into woke zombies, or our government into woke mush. Differences over religion, policy, or personality (all important and necessary to deal with), have to go to the back burner for now. The zombie fungus will have us all unless we mutually stand against it.

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