Embryonic Jewelry????

I’m a little late to the party on this but it was not something I could pass up.  If ever you needed proof that this world has lost its moral compass, this should do it for you.  A news story out of Australia, published on May 3rd, absolutely turned my stomach.  Apparently, a company called Baby Bee Hummingbirds is taking leftover embryos from IVF(in-vitro fertilization) and turning them into jewelry for the mother and father to wear.

In order to understand how this absolute atrocity has come about, you need to understand something about IVF, or in-vitro fertilization. Basically, the process involves taking multiple eggs from the mother and obtaining a sperm sample from the father. The two are then carefully combined in a test tube and grown until they can be surgically implanted in the mother.  However, because there is no guarantee a given egg will develop, that means that multiple eggs are fertilized, and frozen.  Now, scientifically, life begins at fertilization. What is fertilization? The fusion of egg and sperm. Basically, the scientists in the lab have created sometimes a dozen or more LIVING SOULS, then froze them until they are wanted. Naturally, most parents do not want all these embryos so most are discarded.  Let that thought sink in for a moment. Living souls are being tossed in the garbage like so many table scraps.

Capitalism being what it is, people are always searching for ways to make a profit and not all those ways are ethical or Godly. Enter the Baby Bee Hummingbird company, which has, at the time of the writing (2017), made approximately fifty such pieces of horror.  And the tone of the article is complimentary. The author of the article calls Baby Bee Hummingbird company “innovative”. Somehow both the company and the author manage to use the word “babies” throughout the article, acknowledging their humanity, yet never acknowledging their inborn right to exist.  The babies are like a commodity, to be disposed of as their owner(parent) sees fit.

If that last paragraph horrified you, good. It should.  As Christians, we have a different view of life than the world. God calls life sacred.  Genesis 9:6 says “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. ” Man’s life is sacred because man is made in God’s image.  Remember that life begins at conception. However, because the world has abandoned God, life is no longer sacred. After all, evolution preaches survival of the fittest.  The embryos in the jewelry must not have been fit, according to evolutionary dogma.  According to the Christian view, those embryos were perfectly fit to survive, but the parents chose convenience over life, much like parents who choose abortion. Death apparently has more value than life and that is never how God intended it.

How did it come to this? How did we get to the point that wearing your dead children is acceptable? Part of it is the massive, widespread acceptance of IVF, even in Christian circles.  If you need proof of this, look at the wildly popular Christian film “Facing the Giants”. In one scene, the lead character is discussing his options for having children with a doctor and the doctor suggests IVF. Instead of saying it’s wrong, the man opts out because of the cost.  Much of this is due to a lack of understanding of what IVF actually does. However, beyond just the IVF issue, there is the underlying culture of death promoted by evolution.  Widespread acceptance of evolution has led to a complete breakdown of the moral fabric of society and no wonder. Evolution teaches that there are no moral absolutes, because there is no God, so anything, including embryonic jewelry, goes.  If man is nothing more than a highly evolved animal, then what does it matter if one embryo more or less is incinerated or turned into jewelry?

So where do we go from here? To our knees. We ought to be begging God to send a revival. But revival doesn’t come without our effort. We need to educate fellow believers about the perils of the evolutionary mindset and proclaim Christ to a lost world around us. Anything beyond that is in the hands of our Creator and Savior.


Link to the original article about embryonic jewelry

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