The Bottom Falls Out

Editors Note: This topic is not suitable for young children and probably not for teenagers either. Parental discretion is advised before proceeding further.

It feels like I’ve been writing that Editors Note a lot recently. It’s only been two or three times, but every single instance is a time too many. The fact that our society is so low I have to warn parents about letting their kids read about this topic is terrifying but it just seems to keep getting worse. Every time I think our western society can’t possibly sink any lower, some genius decides to drop the already subterranean bar even further below the ground.

The most recent example of this comes from the UK, in an article published by The Sun to which I will not link for reasons that will become clear momentarily. The article wrote in roughly neutral terms about a new television show appearing on a UK television channel. The show is entitled “Mums Make Porn”. And yes, you read that correctly, this is a show about mothers making pornography that they would be ok with their children watching.  If your stomach is now feeling very unsettled, join the club.

It’s hard to know where to start with this utter trainwreck.  This short series will be airing on English television and probably will have started by the time this article airs. The finale will include some of the footage these women recorded being shown to their families, including multiple teenage children.  Amazingly, these women do not appear to be in any legal trouble. Apparently, English law is totally ok with showing pornography to teenagers on television, even though the laws were just tightened to force people to buy an access pass with proof of age before they can access it. Bizarre to say the least.

The motivation behind this television series and the mothers themselves appears to be revulsion at the mainstream pornography which is violent, degrading, and revolting.  The mothers apparently have conceded that their children will view pornography, so they want to be able to use it as sex education, rather than exposing their children to the violence of “normal” porn.

This is utterly unconscionable for a ton of reasons, the primary one being Biblical. Matthew 5:28 tells us God’s standard on pornography. “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” In other words, just the act of looking lustfully at a woman is sinful. Pornography is nothing if it is not looking lustfully. That is the entire point of watching pornography, getting sexual gratification by watching other people commit adultery for your pleasure.

Even if there were no Biblical command against it, there are dozens of reasons why ethical people should not be consuming it.  Many people who perform in pornographic films do not do so of their own free will. They are trafficked into it, and make no money, or a very small percentage of the income the images of their body bring.  While this issue does not apply in this instance, probably much of the pornography these women watched to learn about pornography was at bare minimum coerced.

Even worse is the damage pornography does to the brain of the user.  People who regularly watch pornography have a much greater likelihood of being involved in sexually related crimes, including child molestation. Further, pornography rewires the brain to continue to seek out ever worse and more disturbing material.  Exposure to pornography is also linked to an increase in sexual behavior in teenagers, and an increase in risky sexual behavior as well.

These are real facts, facts that do not play well with the narrative that pornography is simply harmless sex ed.  Unfortunately, because our culture has completely rejected the authority of God’s Word, issues like this continue to become more prevalent.  Because these mothers obviously do not accept the authority of God’s Word, they see nothing wrong with showing pornography to teenagers, or even with “mild” pornography itself.  As the world stumbles ever further away from the principles expressed in God’s Word, we should expect to see a lot more of this kind of wickedness.

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