“Cuties”, Netflix and Public Schools

Editors Note: Content in this post is not safe for young children. I strongly suggest any parents who normally let their children read what we post not do so this time.

The internet giant NetFlix is in the news for all the wrong reasons this week as they promote a new French film called “Cuties”. The film is provocative at minimum. It follows a French Muslim eleven year old girl who joins a “twerking” group of girls her age. Right there should be enough to tell you this film is bad news. Unfortunately, it even gets worse the deeper you get into it. However, “Cuties” is the least of our worries. When you start digging, turns out American public schools are much worse.

The statement I just made was deliberately strong. I believe the evidence I present in this article will back it up, but for now, remain shocked. Cuties is bad. Very bad. The original IMDb parental rating said it featured underage nudity, along with numerous sexual acts and depicts of sexuality. This has since been changed to much less concerning terms. However, if you do a quick search of twitter under the hashtag #CancelNetflix, you can find clips from the film. Needless to say, they are vile. So vile I can’t even link to them. Keep in mind these are eleven year old kids sexually gyrating for adults and imitating sexual acts. That ought to be enough to make your blood boil.

Obviously this is a French film, and France has always had a, shall we say complicated relationship with sexuality. They have been “sexually liberated” for a long time. They also, rather unsurprisingly, rank number one in acceptance of evolution in Europe and number one in the moral ills we ranked if Russia is excluded. However, the film, and the accompanying cover from the left, is part of a broader stealth campaign to push pedophilia on American children. This is undoubtedly going on in other nations as well (UK, looking at you and your Muslim rape gangs you did nothing about for decades), but we’re Americans as is most of our audience so we will focus there.

While “Cuties” drew incredible outrage, there has been incredible quiet over the sex-ed curriculum working its way into public schools. We were able to get a copy of the curriculum, courtesy of the Blaze and Glenn Beck (no we don’t agree with Beck’s theology, nor are we interested in politics, but pedophilia transcends right and left). I want to give you all a few samples from the curriculum that are mind boggling. I will not screenshot it: it is too vulgar for that, but for those with strong stomachs you can find the link to it here.

The second grade curriculum recommends that the children be able to name the proper names for both their own, and the opposite sex’s genitals. Yes eight year olds are being taught that. The way the lesson is written, it is possible pornography could be displayed to the students. Worse, the supplemental material that the teacher may use includes a graphic description of a sex act. This is for eight year olds remember.

In fourth grade, the students are to be taught about puberty. One of the resources recommended for the teacher to suggest to the class is a book entitled “It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health”. The book is pornographic as can be seen in the above link if you have the stomach for it. No ten year old child should be exposed to pornography, let alone by teachers. Is it any wonder nearly 1/10 students in 9-11th grade are molested by their teachers? They’ve been groomed for it since kindergarten!

In sixth grade, the teachers are supposed to recommend websites to the students for them to research. No surprise, Planned Parenthood’s website is on the list. Have to dispose of those unwanted babies we’re going to create by all this sexual liberation we’re teaching somehow. So not only does Planned Parenthood get your tax dollars from the government, it also gets recommended by teachers that you pay for, even if you don’t use the school system. Really nice racket they have going on there. Tenth grade also recommends Planned Parenthood websites, as well as others that are even more sexually explicit.

Folks, if your child is still in the public school system and you were outraged by “Cuties”, you’re a hypocrite. No other way to put it. What I have given you above is a very small sample of the wicked, godless pornographic stuff public school children are being taught in their sex-ed classes. If you are outraged about the child exploitation of Cuties, as you should be, you’d better be outraged at what your tax dollars are being used to teach children.

From a Christian perspective, there is only one appropriate outlet for sexual activity: a marriage between a man and a woman. Further, the Biblical principle is that parents teach their children, not agents of the state. Public schools have no basis in the Bible, nor does the graphic sex ed being taught in them. Sex-ed is the responsibility of the parent at the age the parent feels is appropriate. Education of every form, including sex-ed is the mandate of the parents, not the state. That’s Biblical.

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