Teaching Creation in Schools

My personal opinion, in a perfect world, would be to teach both sides, something the late Philip Johnson called “teaching the controversy”. However, in a perfect world, no one would be teaching evolution at all so, obviously, I’m not getting that. In the current fallen world we live in, I do not expect the public school system to incorporate any creationism in the near future, and frankly, I’m fine with that. Most evolutionists couldn’t tell me even basic aspects of creation anyway so even if they wanted to represent creationists fairly (they don’t), they couldn’t.

A Promise Kept

In a very real sense, Christmas is about promises. Importantly, they are promises that were made thousands of years before God finally fulfilled them. The Old Testament predicts the coming of Christ thousands of years before He was born. And, just like always, God came through. Today, as we approach the Christmas season, we are going to examine some of the promises in the Bible Christ fulfilled by coming to earth.