Darwin's Finches

Essential Nature Baraminology

The argument presented by Joubert is fairly straightforward. He argues that the original kinds possessed what he called an “essential nature”. This nature is built into the original kinds, and was the force that held the various characteristics of the kind together into a coherent whole. He further argues that, since the nature was built into the kinds from the beginning, it has not changed. Therefore, we should be able to determine kinds by looking at their essential natures.

Cain’s Wife?

question “Where did Cain get his wife?” has been hurled at creationists for ages but has kind of been fading recently. I’d like to think that it’s fading because we have answered it enough times that the answer has begun to sink into the collective skull of the culture. The realist in me, however, realizes that the culture is Biblically illiterate and many of those who mock Christianity don’t even know who Cain is anymore. Never-the-less, for Christians unsure of origins, and the ever-present scoffers, this article will explain the riddle of Cain’s wife.