An Exercise in Scientism: A Response to BioLogos

Anyone who has read me for very long knows that we have been very critical of BioLogos, a group of professing Christians who attempt to harmonize evolution with the Bible. It’s an impossible task, but BioLogos works very hard at questioning nothing the mainstream narrative says and simply accepting whatever evolutionists say and putting a Christian veneer on it. This has led them to absolutely dismantle Christian theology in the process, at one point posting an article claiming Jesus could make mistakes. While that article has been memory holed, BioLogos tendency to accept anything that mainstream science says has remained. They demonstrated this recently in an article trying to teach people how to spot bad science. In the process, they wandered into borderline scientism. Let’s take a look.

Review: Against the Tide

I recently had the opportunity to view the recently released documentary, Against the Tide narrated by Kevin Sorbo from the first God’s Not Dead film and featuring Dr. John Lennox of Oxford. I say documentary but I’m not sure what exactly to call it. It was equal parts hagiography of Lennox, and documentary of how atheism’s arguments against God can be answered. However the answers were poor, because Lennox was the one giving them.