DNA Energy Code?

A recent article out of the Quarterly Review of BioPhysics, a peer reviewed journal out of the UK, made a startling and outrageous claim. According to the paper, the genetic code evolved, not always toward functionality, but towards thermodynamic stability, which just happened to coincide with functionality in many cases. The paper makes claims that are at odds with typical evolutionary explanations as well as some very interesting claims about thermodynamics applied to genetics. Lets have a look at this article and see what we can learn.

Darwin's Finches

What Characters Should Baraminology Use?

The question of character choice, particularly for statistical baraminology, is one I’ve been mulling over for a while. That proper character selection can have a massive impact on the outcome of a baraminological study should be obvious from the very first application of statistical baraminology by Robinson and Cavanaugh back in 1998. Using DNA, ecological, karyotypic and morphometric data, they lumped apes and humans into the same baramin. Given human uniqueness according to the Bible (Genesis 1:26-28), this is an impossible result.