Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

First of all, we want to thank everyone for all the support we have received over the last few days since we began this blog.  It is greatly appreciated and we look forward to bringing you more content over the next few weeks as we build towards full release.


Probably the most obvious tenet of our beliefs is found in Genesis 1:1.  “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  We take God at His Word.  We believe He created the world and everything in it with the appearance of age.  He spoke the worlds into existence and made everything that exists, purely by His spoken Word. That being said, we have no opposition to true, observational science.  We believe that God created this universe in an orderly, designed fashion, and that studying Creation can bring glory to God.

We believe that man was created perfect, in God’s image. However, the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, chose to disobey God, thus breaking fellowship with God and bequeathing to all their descendants a sin nature.

We believe in a triune-natured God, constituted in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that the Son came to earth as both God and man simultaneously, and gave up His life to pay the penalty for our sins. Because of this sacrifice, and His rising from the dead, man has the opportunity to have fellowship with God once again.  This is accomplished by means of the free gift of salvation, offered to any who will repent of their sin, and trust their souls to God.

We believe that the King James Bible is the most accurate translation of God’s Word from it’s original languages into English. That being said, we recognize that many are not comfortable with the archaic English and do not look down on any who choose differently in this area. The KJV is certainly not the only place to find God’s Word, as some would say. It is merely our choice of Scripture and one that we will use exclusively.

There are many more areas of Scripture which are important for us to discuss, however, reading a doctrinal statement is certainly not why anyone has chosen to read this article. For a much more extensive set of tenets, check out the link below.  It will take you to the Institute for Creation Research’s website’s tenets of faith, which we largely agree with.  God Bless.




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