Devaluing Life: Iceland and Down Syndrome

On August 14th, CBS News published an article on their website entitled “‘What kind of society do you want to live in?’: Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing” I do not frequent CBS’ website so I did not notice the story until it started making the social media rounds. When I first saw the headline, I was excited. What kind of scientific breakthrough had this nation discovered that was saving infants from the pain of Down Syndrome and how soon could we possibly get this breakthrough to the United States? Then I read the article and immediately decided that I do not want this “breakthrough” anywhere near my shores. In this article, I’ll respond to the CBS article and explain why evolution has precipitated this catastrophe.

The nation in question here is Iceland. They have succeeded in nearly completely eliminating Down Syndrome. For those who do not know,  Down Syndrome is present in people who have at least a partial extra chromosome 21.  It is incurable, begins at conception and over 8000 new cases arise in the US yearly.  There are a wide variety of symptoms, but among the more common are mental handicaps, hernias, and stunted growth.  There are tests which can be performed prenatally to determine if a baby has Down Syndrome. In Iceland, somewhere between 80-85% of pregnant women have the test performed.  If the test result is positive, nearly 100% of babies are aborted.  So Iceland has not developed a cure for Down Syndrome. They simply murder everyone who has it in the womb.

I am not going to go on an extended rant about abortion. I’ve done that elsewhere on these pages. Instead, I am going to explain how Iceland got to a place where only 2-3 babies with Down Syndrome survive the abortionist’s blade every year.  To do so, I looked into Iceland’s religious stats.  According to a 2012 Gallup poll, 57% of Icelanders consider themselves to be religious and there is a state church with approximately 70% nationwide membership. However, a more telling poll was published in January 2016. Exactly 0.0% of Icelanders under 25 believe God created the world in six literal days. In other words, of the people in Iceland most likely to have children, exactly none of them believe the Bible. 93.5% of respondents said they believed in the Big Bang.  No wonder infants with Down Syndrome are being slaughtered.  Icelanders have swallowed the lie of evolution hook, line and sinker, and are following its precepts.

Not everyone in Iceland is happy about this, fortunately, and some voices are beginning to speak for the humanity of the child conceived with Down Syndrome. However, these voices are still few. Approximately 4554 children are born in Iceland yearly and this number is dropping. It was 4129 in 2015.  Only one to two on average will have Down Syndrome.  In the US the average of Down Syndrome babies born is around 1 per 700. Using this same average in Iceland, we discover that Iceland should average roughly 7 children with Down Syndrome per year.  So not a huge deal anymore right? It is to the children who are butchered in cold blood.  I should note here that the prenatal tests are only 85% accurate. So of the perhaps ten children aborted per year in Iceland because they “have Down Syndrome” statistics tell us that two of them would have been normal, healthy infants.

This is why evolution is so dangerous. Put aside the fact it is racist and immoral. The problem with evolution is not the millions of years, or the bald-faced lies about human ancestry, though these are problems. The number one problem with evolution is that it strips man of his unique humanity.  By making man merely a highly evolved ape,  evolution strips man of his uniqueness, of his purpose. He is mere evolved cosmic debris, which can be tossed aside at another’s whim. Since Iceland has completely accepted this pseudo-philosophy, they have rejected man’s personhood, which comes from being made in God’s image. If man is not made in God’s image, he is no longer a unique person and thus worthy of special consideration and care, regardless of his ailment. This is what we see in Iceland. When God is removed from origins, when man is not made in God’s image, he becomes expendable.





CBS News Article

Belief in Creation in Iceland

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