Denmark and the Value of Life

I have written previously on this blog about the devaluation of human life that accompanies evolutionary teaching, on several instances, most notably when I called out Iceland for aborting most of the children conceived with Down’s Syndrome.  A line to that article may be found below. However, Iceland is not the only European nation with this problem Recently it was revealed that Denmark aborted all but four infants conceived with Down’s Syndrome in 2016.  This article will attempt to sort through this heartbreaking statistic and discover why evolution and abortion will always lead to this horrific result.

Denmark gave birth to slightly more than 61,000 babies last year.  The year before that, there were approximately fifteen thousand abortions. That means roughly one abortion per four live births. That in itself is horrific enough but that statistic does not include the countless thousands of conceived embryos lost to contraception. However, based on 2015 data, roughly 73,205 infants make it to the pregnancy stage in Denmark per year.  Down’s Syndrome affects approximately 1/700 infants.  That means Denmark should average around 105 Down’s Syndrome infants born per year.  However, last year, only four such infants who were diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome during prenatal testing were delivered.  Twenty more escaped murder in vitro due to the lack of accuracy of the prenatal tests and were diagnosed after birth. That means that around 81 infants were diagnosed in the womb with Down’s Syndrome and killed. However, since prenatal testing is less than seventy percent accurate, that number is likely well over 100 and includes perfectly healthy infants. Keep in mind, Denmark has more restrictive abortion laws than the majority of the western world, including the United States.  Abortions in Denmark are forbidden after twelve weeks, except when prenatal testing diagnoses some deformity, such as Down’s Syndrome.  The carnage wreaked upon innocent infants diagnosed, correctly or otherwise, with Down’s Syndrome in larger nations, with less restrictive abortion laws, would be staggering to calculate.

The vast majority of Denmark’s women appear to be choosing convenience over the value of life. This should be unsurprising.  In a 2006 survey, 82% of Danes claimed to believe that man evolved from a lower form of animal. This line of thinking equates man with nothing more than a highly evolved animal. As such, his life has no more value than an animal. This is the mindset that leads to abortion being legal in the first place.  This leads to the question of why evolutionists support abortion, both verbally and with their actions? Part of this ties back to an article I published recently on Conservation and Global Warming. As with the Iceland article, a link may be found below.  Evolutionists view humanity as a threat to life on earth. This is due to humanities production of carbon dioxide, both by breathing and by burning fossil fuels in manufacturing processes. This carbon dioxide supposedly causes holes to form in the ozone layer of the atmosphere, which keeps most ultraviolet radiation from the sun from reaching earth and scorching all life out of existence.  The idea is completely bogus and lacking in scientific merit but many evolutionists believe it. Since they believe it, they act on that belief. Many evolutionists are also advocates of population controls in some form or other. Thus abortion makes perfect sense to them as it eliminates humans who might create extra carbon dioxide and destroy the planet. Since the child in the womb is nothing more than a highly evolved animal anyway, its life can easily be sacrificed for the greater good of mankind. When man is reduced to a mere animal, this always will be the result.

Making man an animal results in situations like Iceland and Denmark where life in the womb is without value. Undoubtedly other western nations have similar records.  The problem is not limited to the abortion itself, though murder certainly is a despicable crime. The root is in a complete devaluation of human life because it is not viewed as being uniquely created in the image of God.  This improper perspective on human life has permeated society to a point where abortion is considered socially acceptable, even when it is the deliberate genocide of an entire disability.


Devaluing Life: Iceland and Down Syndrome

Conservation and Global Warming

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