Conservation and Global Warming

I saw an article recently, written by a political commentator, which prompted me to start thinking about this topic.  We are repeatedly told by scientists that Global Warming is going to destroy our planet and we must take every step we can to stop it. Scientists also tell us that hundreds, if not thousands of animal species are dying out and we must take every step possible to keep them from going extinct.  Unfortunately, no one seems to have followed the logic behind these two ideas to their logical conclusions.  This article will attempt to do just that and explain why the two ideas are contradictory.

Global warming is frequently touted as the cause behind many of the world’s ills, including, bizarrely enough, ISIS.  Most reasonable people, however, stick to claiming it is causing warmer weather worldwide, melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels, and given enough time, will eventually cause life on earth to go extinct.  The idea is that carbon dioxide emissions either thin or creates holes in a special layer in earth’s atmosphere called the ozone layer. The ozone layer absorbs the vast majority of the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. This is important because the radiation would kill off life as it exists on earth. Without the ozone layer, life on earth would be impossible.  Global warming advocates warn that if global warming is true, major coastal cities will be underwater in the very near future. At one point, one of their climate models predicted that New York City would be underwater by 2012. Being that we are now in 2017, it appears that the model needs some work.  However, the key takeaway is that carbon dioxide, either produced by man breathing or from manufacturing processes, is weakening the ozone layer, which eventually will result in earth’s destruction.

Conservationism is the effort to preserve various endangered species of animals. These animals vary from tiny to massive but the goal is the same.  Zoos across the world do their best to breed these rare creatures with varying degrees of success. Scientists regularly tout these efforts for the benefits they bring to science.  The World Wildlife Fund solicits donations to fund these efforts as do dozens of other scientific and zoological agencies throughout the world.

On the surface, saving animals goes right along with the global warming line of “save the planet”. However, ultimately, the two goals are complete opposites.  Conservationism aims to save as many endangered species as possible. However, what many people fail to recognize is that animals breathe in the exact same way that man does. In other words, every time an animal breathes, it produces carbon dioxide.  Thus, by preserving the various endangered species, global warming alarmists are actually hastening the destruction of the earth for themselves.  The more Carbon Dioxide these saved animals produce, the more rapidly the ozone layer is supposedly destroyed, thus decreasing the time earth has left.  However, this particular inconvenient truth is completely ignored by global warming alarmists as they have convinced themselves that humanity is the problem, not the precious animals they seek to save.

This twisted variant of logic comes from a flawed view of humanity.  Global warming alarmists and conservationists are largely evolutionary in their thinking. As such, they view man as a product of long periods of time and random natural processes.  Thus man has no more value than animals, leading some global warming alarmists to suggest drastically lowering earth’s human population.   This improper view of man, who God says was created to be a steward of the earth and rule over it, results in man being blamed for a phenomenon that does not exist. Global warming is a fraud perpetrated on the unsuspecting public by politicians eager for votes.  The earth has not warmed by even a degree since 1997, polar ice is increasing, not decreasing, and over 1000 respected scientists have signed on to a declaration stating that global warming is non-existent.  While none of those are proofs that global warming does not exist, they do negate the typical evidence global warming alarmists use, such as scientific consensus, polar ice cap melts and the like.  However, the real problem is not the deceptive editing of the data, nor the misleading of the public. The problem stems from the evolution view of man as a result of random process rather than the carefully crafted design of the Master Designer.


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