Classifying by Kind

In a previous article, we discussed the meaning of kind and how that fits into the modern theory of classification and intrudes on evolutionary theory. As part of that article, I did some research on the classification system and was mildly surprised by how much of a poisoned chalice it has become. Evolutionary thinking has poisoned the field to such an extent that it may not be salvageable. To that end, this article will propose a new method of classification, based entirely on Biblical parameters.  I recognize that the scientific community at large will laugh off this idea, and that until it changes, Creationists within the community will have to use the accepted standard. However, that does not mean that an alternative should not exist.  This article will begin to provide that alternative.

The original classification system proposed by Carolus Linneaus in the 1700s was a brilliantly simple concept that has ruled the biological world ever since. Essentially, the concept was to create a hierarchical system that enabled all life to by organized in a manner that made sense.  The groupings were made based on relationship between organisms with the closer relationships being found further down the hierarchy. Every science class teaches the Linnean classification system to children and most require them to learn the hierarchy. The system is a solid system, at least in part, but in recent years has taken a battering.  Animals that were never originally meant to be classified in the same Class or Order have been lumped together due to their supposed common ancestry. The simple system envisioned by Linneaus has become bloated with superorders and subgenuses. I believe it is time to move away from this system and create one more suited to the parameters laid down in Scripture.

The system of classification I propose will retain elements of the Linnean classification system, because there is no reason to throw away things that work.  The issues largely lie higher up the classification system. Under this proposed new system, no new genus and species would be created, and few if any of the existing genus and species would be changed. Instead, the system would remove most of the upper tiers and introduce a new level, just above genus. The system would read Kingdom, Phylum, Kind, Genus, Species. For an explanation of what a “kind” is, please see my previous article on kinds which I linked to at the end of the article.  Thus instead of grouping creatures together by their expected evolutionary ancestry, this system will allow creationists to classify creatures based on Biblical parameters.

This classification system can be demonstrated by using an existing example. The orangutan will provide a fine example. The current classification is below, pulled from the website.

Orangutan Classification

The domain, class, order and family can be entirely dispensed with, though the family does provide proof of what I was saying above about the bias in the classification system. Note that the Orangutan family is listed as Hominidae. This is the hominid, otherwise known as the human family.  Orangutans are clearly not human, nor are they even close to human, yet, because of their supposed common ancestry, they are placed in the same family with humans.  The new classification would put them in the same kind as other great apes, such as Gorillas. This great ape kind could potentially be titled the Simiaemagna kind. Translated to English this roughly means “Apes, great”.  Thus the new classification would read something like this: Orangutan, Kingdom Animalia, Kind Simiaemagna, Genus Species Pongo albelii or P. pygmaeus.  Notice that I kept the Phylum distinction. This is to allow a split between vertebrates and invertebrates.

This classification system is of a fairly rough nature at present. However, it could easily be developed further and applied to every kind of creature that exists today and previously. Doing this for extinct creatures is difficult to prove as dead things do not reproduce, but theoretical links can be established at least.  Classifying creatures in this way removes the clutter, makes it simpler for laymen to read, and groups creatures that are closely related. Further, it removes the massive seepage of evolutionary bias into the system which has destroyed the original intent of Linnaeus.  Classification must be reclaimed from the evolutionist. Currently the system is twisted to fit with evolutionary ideals. Removing the bias and using a Biblical framework will help make the science fit the facts, rather than a bias of a pseudoscientific theory.


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