One Truth

In this time in which we live, the majority of the culture considers truth to be a relative thing. It’s no longer across the board true. Instead, it only matters if it is true to each individual.  This kind of thinking is both bizarre and ridiculous. In this article, I will examine why there must be one truth that applies to everyone equally and then compare ideologies to see which best fits the definition of the one truth. While this article can barely scratch the surface of these arguments, it will hopefully provide the reader with a basis for further study.

Having multiple truths which apply only to individuals is a dangerous, deceptive idea. However, this thought process only comes into effect when ideologies are discussed.  No one argues that the mathematical statement 2+2=4 is not true, for example. The argument comes when you state “There is a God.” Therefore this article will be geared towards discussing ideologies.

When discussing ideologies, it is important to understand that there really are only three bases for an ideology. They are polytheism, monotheism, and atheism.  The three ideology bases cannot all be true at the same time. They are mutually exclusive. Either there is one God, multiple gods, or no god. All three conditions cannot exist simultaneously. If, for example, there are two gods, monotheism flies out the window, for it acknowledges the existence of just one God. However, acknowledging the existence of just one god is enough to disqualify atheism as true since it does not permit the existence of any deity. From this simple example, we can clearly see that there can only exist one truth.  Any claims to multiple coexisting truths are both false and purely ridiculous, no matter what the reason for them being made.  There can be just one truth, and it must apply to everyone equally.

“What is truth?” is a question has been asked by countless generations since the dawn of time, though it is asked for us in this form by Governor Pilate in the Gospel of John. Finding an answer requires sifting through the three ideologies and finding the one ideology that fits the facts. Note that what was stated in the above paragraph requires that just one of the three sets of ideologies be true and fit the facts. Some facts may fit more than one ideology but the accumulated body of evidence can only fit one ideology. Let us first consider the possibility of polytheism.  If polytheism were the one true ideology, then we might expect that the universe would be a hodgepodge of conflicting elements, laws, and processes. With multiple gods, each squabbling for preeminence, we might expect that the universe would reflect this power struggle. Processes should not work well together, and animals should be ill-suited to their environment since the designer of the animal was not the designer of the environment.  While some animals such as the platypus may be considered a hodgepodge in appearance, in the overarching view of the universe, this is not what we find. The universe is a model of order, with processes interconnecting seamlessly and animals fitting brilliantly into their environments. Based on this, we can largely dismiss polytheism as the one true ideology.  It simply does not line up with what we observe in the universe.

Having largely dismissed polytheism, we come to atheism. The atheistic model rules out any god at all and is tacitly accepted by many scientists and the general public throughout the western world. However, a consensus by a majority does not make a thing so. The vast majority of astronomers at one point believed that the earth was the center of the solar system, something we know now to be false. The atheist ideology requires that there be no supreme deity. Instead of some form of creation, the universe and all therein must have come about naturally, through a sort of natural creative process.  If this were the case, we would expect to find the universe to be designed sort of bottom to top. This would allow animals to fit into their environments, for example. However, it does not explain why natural processes work together so well. For example, consider photosynthesis and respiration. Photosynthesis takes in Carbon Dioxide and replaces it with gaseous Oxygen. This gaseous Oxygen is then taken in by animals and man through respiration and replaced with Carbon Dioxide.  This back and forth exchange requires design to get just right, yet atheism rejects the possibility of a designer.  Thus atheism fails to provide a concrete explanation for the design in the universe and therefore cannot be the true ideology.

That brings us to the final possible ideology, that of monotheism.  Rather than give it a pass for being correct by default since the other ideologies failed, let us examine it as well. If monotheism is true, then we would expect an ordered, designed, universe where all the parts fit together in perfect harmony. Animals should fit into their environments, processes should appear to be a hand in glove fit, and the universe itself should operate in a clearly designed fashion. This is exactly what we find. The above example of photosynthesis and respiration is illustrative here as well. The two processes are the definition of a hand in glove fit.  They could not have naturally arisen. They had to be designed.  Thus only monotheism can be the single true ideology.

Having deduced that monotheism must be the single true ideology, the question then becomes “Who is this single God?” Anyone who has read me for any length of time knows the answer from me will be the God of the Bible, my personal Saviour Jesus Christ. However, that is not something I know by deduction. It is a choice I make to believe.  I know in my heart my God is real, but that is not something I can prove to the skeptic. Rather it is a choice, to believe what God says in His Word, or to choose to believe man over God.


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