In Defense of Life

In writing the posts on the pages of this blog, I do my best to avoid politically contentious issues unless they somehow tie into the origins debate. I have, in the past, touched on issues like abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and so on, but it has never been in a politically motivated vein. Instead I have tried to view each solely within the context of origins. However, for this article, that may not be entirely possible. The case of nearly two year old Alfie Evans that is currently playing out in the United Kingdom has captured my heart and I feel obligated to do what little I can to save the toddlers life.  Hopefully by the end of this article, my readers will agree with me.

For those unaware, twenty-three month old Alfie Evans is an un-diagnosed patient at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool England. He has been held there against his parents wishes since suffering a seizure last year.  Despite not having been diagnosed with anything other than the aftermath of a seizure, Alder Hey Hospital has decided that Alfie will be permanently disabled and, when his parents disagreed, petitioned to the UK court system to place Alfie solely in the hospital’s custody.  Despite the strenuous objections of his parents Tom Evans and Kate James, the courts have uniformly sided with the hospital. Even though Alfie has been diagnosed with no disease, the courts recently ruled that the hospital could remove the ventilator and let him die. Even a desperation play by the Italian government, which granted Alfie citizenship and offered him treatment in Rome, has had no effect on the “doctors” at Alder Hey. On the twenty-third, the ventilator was removed. The ghouls at Alder Hey were stunned when Alfie not only began breathing on his own, but has now done so for two days as of this writing. He is currently receiving oxygen and water but the hospital is so determined he must die that they refuse to feed him, with the approval of the courts. His parents are making one last desperate effort to get him to Italy, which has a military medical helicopter waiting in England on standby to receive him should he be freed, today, April 25th, 2018.

I’m not terribly concerned with all the political ramifications of this case. I’m more concerned that the value of life has been lost completely.  It is evident that neither the UK’s socialized medicine bureau, the NHS, nor the UK court system values life.  I spoke with a friend of mine this evening regarding this case. She is both a native of the UK and a nurse.  Her explanation was that the government had terminated all the paternal rights and thus was making all the decisions. It was easy to tell she was both frustrated and angry at the route her country was taking.  Since the hospital is making the decisions, it is now entirely based around money. In the UK’s socialized medicine scheme, it is far cheaper to starve a two year old, than to care for a disabled adult, so the two year old must starve. The NHS has chosen to value money above human life. In siding with the hospital, the UK court system has done the same.

Life once was a highly valued commodity. Families had large numbers of children and cared for their parents and grandparents in their old age. Why did this change? How did life lose its value? How did a disabled infant like Alfie end up on the chopping block? The answer lies with the evolutionary theory.  Nearly half of the UK accepts evolution at face value, despite 65% claiming Christianity. In a society where the fastest growing religion, Islam, demands that its followers kill the infidel, and half the population believes man is nothing more than an animal, it should come as no surprise that life has no value. I’ve explained elsewhere on these pages why evolution devalues life.  See this post for more information. However, in summary, when man is an animal with no purpose, or reason to exist, ending his life no longer has meaning either.

Alfie Evans life matters. He represents hundreds, maybe thousands of others who have or will be sacrificed on the altar of convenience if this madness does not end. God views human life as sacred. Little Alfie is made in God’s image. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27 tells us. Further, God tells us the price for killing a human who has not been found guilty of a crime is death. “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” Killing a human mars God’s image. Thats why He put such a high price on murder. And that is what is happening to Alfie, state ordered murder. The twenty-three month old has committed no crime, nor has he been diagnosed with any terminal illness. He is breathing, moving, and reacting on his own, yet, for the convenience of the state, he must die. May God forgive the UK, and all of us, for allowing the world to become so dark that this could happen.

The fight is not over yet, however. God is still the God of miracles, and Alfie has proved to be a fighter.  I would encourage all of my readers to first pray that God works a miracle. Second pray that hearts will be touched for Christ because of Alfie’s story. Third, I would encourage anyone reading this to sign the petition to the UK Parliament found below to release Alfie from his imprisonment and allow him to be treated elsewhere. Below is also an article detailing more of what is going on with this case should you be interested. Please take a few minutes and pray.




The legalized murder of Alfie Evans was made official on April 28th. He’s finally free of Alder Hey, if only in spirit. It would behoove us to remember, we all could be the next Alfie Evans.

Why Alfie Matters

Petition to free Alfie Evans


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