Alfie Evans 3.0

The culture of death is alive and well, and is, again, putting itself on full display in the UK health system.  If you recall, over a year ago, we published an article highlighting the fate of an infant stuck in the quagmire that is the UK health system. His name was little Alfie Evans.  He died, of dehydration and starvation, as the UK hospital he was sequestered in went out and got court orders to kill him against his parent’s consent.  A year earlier, a second infant, Charlie Gard, suffered the same fate in an eerily similar case. Now, the UK’s NHS is swinging at the third strike.

This time, the victim is a girl, not a boy, and is slightly older. Tafida Raqeeb is five years old. She was born with a disorder in the blood vessels in the back of her head which was undiagnosed until one of the blood vessels ruptured, leading to her collapsing.  She was rushed to the hospital and into surgery to save her life. Since then, she has been in the hospital and, according to her parents, slowly recovering.  The butchers at NHS do not agree.

Much like Alfie Evans, little Tafida Raqeeb’s life appears to be in the balance of the courts. So far, no decision has been rendered. NHS is claiming that nothing more can be done for the little girl. The “doctors” think she should just die, rather than having a chance at life. Her parents disagree.  They had her evaluated via video by a pair of Italian doctors who think she can be treated.  The parents claim she can move her arms, legs and head, is slowly weaning off the ventilator and can feel touch.  Her parents have raised a large amount of money to fly her to Italy and pay for her treatment there. Apparently, the ghouls at NHS do not want her taken to Italy.

This is the third such incident in just over a years time, which leads me to ask why? Why is the NHS so insistent that small children they treat die rather than be treated overseas? I’m not a conspiracy theorist but if I was, I’d think they have something to hide. The reason they have publically stated for why this little girl must die is as follows. “As such we are engaging with the family to ensure we uphold the child’s best interests, recommending withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment and instigating palliative care.”  The hypocrisy of how this is phrased is almost hilarious; it would be if it was not for the five-year-old girl whose life is riding on the hypocrisy of NHS.  The statement says they are looking out for “the child’s best interests”. I’m not entirely sure how it is in the child’s best interests to die rather than have a chance at life. However, that aside the NHS claims that they are “recommending” that Tafida be allowed to die. That is a bald-faced lie. They are actively suing the parents in court to FORCE the parents to allow their child to die.

The parents have accused the hospital of wanting to cut costs by allowing their daughter to die. A “health expert” brought in by the television program Good Morning Britain disagreed, claiming they knew of no case where NHS had refused to treat a patient based on cost but added the qualifier “if there’s any prospect of life being preserved and of life being high-quality.” Not the text in red.  Let me be the one to ask the questions: who decides what high-quality life is? And since when is life only valuable when it has this arbitrary high quality attached to it? By that logic a perfectly healthy person with depression could be killed because they have a self-described “low quality of life.” All life has value….even if it is “low quality”.

Unfortunately, the UK has been on this slope for a long time.  Only 9% of the UK believe in a truly creationist position. Yet only this position gives human life intrinsic value. Because man was created in the very image of God, he has value.  God confirms this in Genesis 9:6 when He lays out the punishment for murder. “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” In other words, human life is not to be taken because man was made in God’s image.

However, the vast majority of Britain and thus the NHS believes that man is an animal, evolved from pond scum. If man is nothing more than highly evolved pond scum, what is the death of one more piece of pond scum? It is nothing, particularly if it advances your political agenda or keeps you safe from a malpractice suit.

I suspect this case will end like Alfie Evans, Charlie Gard, and dozens of others the international community has undoubtedly never heard of. However, it is still possible that the parents will win out and be able to transfer their daughter to Italy. I sincerely hope they do, and I hope the few Christians remaining in the UK reach out to these Muslims in this difficult time, help them, and maybe influence them for Christ.  Please be in prayer for this family. No one should have to deal with this.




Image and quote from below BBC article

Second quote from below LifeSite article

Statistics from this article


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