The Real Battle: Worldview

In my interactions with evolutionists, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the issue is not a matter of evidence.  I can produce evidence until I’m blue in the face, but they tend not to listen.  Why is that? Why can the most obvious evidence seem to sail completely over the heads of evolutionists? It has nothing to do with the evidence. It has to do with how the evidence is interpreted.  This article will attempt to explain why the battle is over the worldview, not the evidence.

Evidence is a wonderful thing. It always points to something. However, the solution it points to is entirely dependent. Take the old television show Matlock which most of you probably haven’t ever seen. The show revolves around a defense lawyer who takes on clients who always look guilty but almost never are. He and the prosecutor have the exact same starting evidence. Yet the prosecutor inevitably thinks the suspect is guilty, while Matlock, the title character, and a defense attorney invariably thinks the opposite and spends the episode trying to prove it.  So it is with evolutionists and creationists.  They start with the same evidence.   Yet they come to different conclusions based on those pieces of evidence.

Why does worldview matter though? Why does the way you view the world affect your view of origins? I submit to you that it is actually exactly the opposite. How you view origins, affects your worldview. Think about it. Where do most of the world’s controversies come from? Where did marriage start? Genesis 1-11.  Where did God define gender? Genesis 1-11. Why do people wear clothes? Genesis 1-11.  Why is there only one race? Genesis 1-11. Why is abortion contentious? Genesis 1-11. Where did sin come from? Genesis 1-11. Why does man need a Savior? Genesis 1-11.  This list could go on for a long time. This is why a worldview matters. The key issues our world face are not independent of one another. They all come out of an individual’s worldview.

If you accept the Creationist worldview, then you, by default, accept the Genesis 1-11 account as correct.  If Genesis 1-11 is correct, then you must accept that mankind is inherently sinful and need’s a Savior. You must accept that life is sacred to God. You must accept that God defines gender and marriage. You must accept that there is one race; the human race. You have to accept that God decided what is appropriate clothing for mankind to wear. This is just a small subset of the things that must be accepted by someone holding a creationist worldview.

By contrast, the evolutionary worldview requires rejecting Genesis 1-11. By doing that, it is no longer required to accept that life is sacred. Man is not sinful and does not need saving.  There is no set definition to gender and marriage any longer.  Clothing is no longer even a requirement, let alone appropriate clothing. Instead, evolutionists set their worldview based on man’s ideas. Man’s ideas are not constant. Merely looking at how often evolutionists revise their storyline will provide proof of that. This leads to a perennially shifting foundation that leads to a complete moral relativism.  In other words, anything goes in the evolutionary worldview.

Now evolutionists will claim that each society and culture decides what is right and wrong for them. While this is a nice idea, it fails miserably as an answer for morality. If each society can decide for itself that is right and wrong, then it is impossible for them to condemn another culture for ANYTHING. Evolutionists loudly and rightly criticize Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and other dictators for brutally murdering millions of people. Yet they do so hypocritically.  How dare they condemn murder when their own theory claims that each society is free to decide right and wrong for itself. So if the Nazi’s wanted to wipe out the Jews, who is to say they are wrong according to the evolutionary worldview?

This is why the real battle is over the worldview, not the outgrowth. Societal problems and conflicts grow out of a worldview. If you accept the evolutionary worldview, you have no reason to condemn anyone for doing anything. You can’t even argue that it’s illegal since laws are made by man and can be changed.  In order to condemn the outgrowths, you have to have something more solid than man’s changing ideas to stand on. That is why Genesis matters. It gives us a foundation to build right and wrong on; a way to decide what we should and should not do. If Genesis isn’t true, neither is the rest of the Bible, a message public schools give our kids every day.


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