Unscientific and UnAmerican

“We are scientists, and we believe that evidence, not ideology, should inform health care decisions.” So reads the opening line of a recent article in Scientific American.  It is the standard line trotted out by secularists that they are neutral and thus should be the arbiter of every decision, moral or otherwise, inevitably leading to a strong swing to the left, disproving their neutrality thesis. Never-the-less, the article opened with that statement and immediately took a tumble off a cliff as these “scientists” were sloppy with facts, smeared their opponents and generally behaved like ideologues rather than the calm evidentialists they assured the reader they were at the beginning of the article.

Very few issues will cause the left to lose all sense of logic and reason quicker than the abortion issue will and this article is no exception.   The authors spend the first two paragraphs doing their best to establish themselves as the authorities on the issue and doing their best to build up strawmen and deploy the foundations for the usual dishonest abortion arguments.  The third paragraph is devoted to mocking the conservative lawmakers spearheading the recent laws passed in the US restricting abortion as being ignorant of science. Given the amount of either ignorance or dishonesty these scientists exhibit in this article, this paragraph reeks of blatant hypocrisy.

The first blatantly ignorant or dishonest claim is that the baby has no heartbeat at six weeks, which is when most of the fetal heartbeat laws place the cut off for abortion.  If these authors had bothered to crack open an Anatomy and Physiology textbook or speak to a qualified embryologist (none of them are) they would have learned that the fetal heart starts pumping blood in the embryo at three weeks, not six.  The physical structure of the heart forms the following week.

The second claim these eminently qualified scientists make is that the abortion reversal procedures that are touted by pro-life advocates for women who change their minds after having a chemical abortion is dangerous to women. While it is true that there is precious little data on this topic, there have been no reports of abortion reversal procedures causing any harm to either the baby or the mother. If such a report existed, true or otherwise, these “scientists” would have cited it. And it cannot possibly be worse than the assured death for the baby so they are fear-mongering without basis.

The rest of the article repeats tired leftist talking points about how abortion isn’t actually murder, how pro-lifers hate minorities, women, children, and anyone else who isn’t pro-life. I’m not going to waste my time refuting that tripe.  I will point out that murder, by definition, is the opposite of health care, and that pro-lifers are not the ones going around assaulting people they disagree with or round-house kicking them in the face. None of those facts matter to these “scientists” who spend more time dredging up spurious stereotypes than they do addressing any actual science.

Of course, this smear laden hit piece on pro-lifers and innocent babies should hardly be a surprise in a culture that has wholesale slaughtered tens of millions of babies.  When the culture believes that man is just an animal and too many buy into the idea that the embryo goes through the long-debunked embryonic recapitulation thesis of Ernst Haeckel, why not kill off a baby? We euthanize unwanted pets (which more and more people are getting upset about ironically) why not rip babies apart in vitro? And when we’re done ripping them apart, let’s sell off their body parts and use their cells for research. Because they’re just animals so why not? I guess “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” only applies to people who have been born.  How uniquely American. God forgive us.

Putting aside the sarcasm that characterized much of the last paragraph, America is drenched in the blood of the unborn. We got to this place by abandoning the Scriptures.  When we replaced the Biblical worldview, where man is made in the image of God and if his life is taken unjustly, his murderer should die for destroying God’s image, with the worldview that man is nothing more than highly evolved pond scum….well this was inevitable. So long as evolution remains the predominant worldview in this nation, we will never defeat abortion, homosexuality, pedophilia or any other wickedness. Those are just natural symptoms of the godless worldview which has infested our nation.  The church needs to return to the foundation of the Scripture and teach it authoritatively in order to restore America to a Biblical foundation. The world isn’t going to get the foundation anywhere else. It has to start with us.

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