Creeping Pedophilia

I don’t spend much time on twitter. Frankly, I regard that particular platform as the armpit of the internet. Very little profitable happens in interactions on twitter. However, this morning, I was struck with a particularly shocking tweet. It was not the tweet itself that shocked me, it was the image in the tweet. (For the safety of the individual involved, I will not share the screengrab here as it is likely there would be pushback were this individual to be identified.)

Below is the image I extracted from the original tweet. As you can see, pedophilia is perfectly normal according to this slide.


The header at the top of the slide reads “Pedophilia as a Sexual Orientation”  The subheaders are all discussion points which were covered in class.  As noted in the tweet, this took place in a state university classroom. The comments section of the tweet indicated this may have been San Diego State University but I have reached out to the original poster to confirm or deny this. I will add such information as they are able to provide when I get it.

Presuming San Diego State was the university involved, I went and checked how much money SDSU had received from the federal and state governments for the previous school year.  Conveniently, SDSU posts its budget online. Nearly half of SDSU’s operating budget for 2017-2018, 190.1 million, came from the taxpayers of California. In addition, SDSU received an additional 135 million in grants from various government agencies for research that year.  That means, SDSU and its researchers received 325 odd million dollars from the American taxpayer, mostly the poor suffering citizens of California in 2017-2018 alone! Grant money for the next year went even higher.  Without knowing who the professor was, or what class this was presented in (my money is on gender studies of some type), it’s tough to get a breakdown on what this pedophilia indoctrination cost the taxpayer.  Regardless, this is what our tax dollars are being used for; teaching pedophilia to college students.   I reached out to the person posting the tweet and he declined to be interviewed due to fear of being expelled from class or school. This being the case, I have not posted the tweet in question for his safety as noted above.

However, this pivot to pedophilia should not shock anyone. In fact, I’ve been predicting this for a few years now and I’m hardly alone. Other organizations far more prominent than we at In His Image are have also been sounding the alarm. Even some secular groups are starting to get on the bandwagon. People are seeing drag queens letting children lay on them and finding out that many of the adults performing drag for children have been convicted of sex crimes, or that children are performing overtly sexual dances in clubs for the pleasure of adults.  Most people, even non-Christians do not want children exposed to child predators in this manner.

However, this cannot last. The culture as it stands cannot hold back the oncoming wave of pedophilia forever.  What I mean by that is, so long as we continue in this culture to teach that man evolved from the primordial ooze, the secularist has no reason to continue to be opposed to pedophilia. Individual secularists may remain opposed but the overall worldview will continue to trend towards pedophilia being acceptable. The reason behind this comes from the worldview. After all, if man is nothing more than a highly evolved animal, why should we not do whatever suits our desires? If those desires are to molest a child, why not if it benefits you, according to the evolutionary worldview.  Because in an atheist view there cannot be an objective moral viewpoint, pedophilia will continue to creep forward in society as it is the natural, logical outcome of removing God from society.  If Christians want to turn back the culture, they need to recognize they will be in for a long fight. The culture did not become this debauched overnight. Further, we cannot do it unless the church as a whole is willing to return to the foundation of the Scriptures, Genesis 1-11. Given the strong influence of organizations like BioLogos and others in the church, this seems unlikely. Christians have a long, hard road ahead if they want to clean up the church and then extend that to the culture at large.






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