Creation and Socialism: Twins?

A recent political commentary made a very odd comparison. It attempted to draw parallels between creation science and socialism.  It’s a comparison I’ve not seen before but one that could be appealing to the few evolutionists who are opposed to socialism on economic, rather than moral grounds.  Given that many creationists are of similar political persuasion to the person writing the article, I’ve decided to debunk his arguments so that its clear creation science has nothing to do with socialism.

One thing that makes it clear that this author knows very little about creation science is the fact he says all scientists must take Darwin’s dogma seriously.  If he had read anything by any creation scientists or even members of the intelligent design movement, he would know that thousands of serious, credentialed scientists have questioned Darwin’s dogma ever since Darwin published it. As just one example, Answers in Genesis employs a Harvard trained geneticist named Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson.   Further, if he was in any way acquainted with the scientific literature, he would know that there are significant, serious problems with the evolutionary dogma which are admitted by the Darwinists themselves.  He does know enough to know that there are a few problems but he handwaves them away by saying there are always unanswered questions in science. This is true, but evolution purports to explain the existence and diversity of life, yet fails to even explain the origin of life, let alone life’s diversity.

His comparison between socialism, what he calls “economic creationism”, and creation science is underwhelming at best.  He points out that both socialism and creation science require a top-down planner. This is true as far as it goes. Socialism requires a small cabal of elites planning the economy, while creation science requires an original designer to start the process moving. The difference is socialism is run by a bunch of fallible, usually greedy, power-hungry humans, whereas creation was set in motion by God from the beginning but is now governed by the laws of nature. He periodically intervenes in what are called miracles. That is the only argument he makes. That one point is his entire argument that they are similar. He spends the rest of the essay abley debunking socialism.

In taking such a shallow approach, the author reveals his lack of knowledge of both creation science and the Scripture.  For example, he ignores the fact that creation scientists, at least in general, accept natural selection as factual.  He also seems blissfully unaware that natural selection is not the same as evolution, something evolutionists themselves have been saying since the 1930s at least! Worse, he seems ignorant about the limits of mutations, natural selection, and adaptation. It would help if he had run his article by a professional scientist before he published it, but, given most scientists do not share his political views, this may have been impossible.

He makes an offhand comment about how the earth being less than 10,000 years old is a joke, which also tells me he has not done much homework on the topic. Clearly, he has never examined the assumptions undergirding radiometric dating, nor has he examined the hundreds of other historical “clocks” which point to a world much less than billions of years old. I struggle to fault him for this, however, as given many creationists are just as ignorant and it is likely this gentleman never studied much science beyond what he got in high school and college.  Even if he has, there is little to be surprised about someone trained in secular schools having a purely secular worldview.

His ignorance of Scripture is also revealed, given that nowhere in Scripture does the Bible condone socialism. In fact, it actively speaks against it. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 tells us “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” In other words, no one capable of working should be taking handouts instead of working. Right there, the entire socialist paradigm goes up in smoke.  It gets worse, however, when the full context of Scripture comes into play. Throughout Scripture, God consistently promotes hard work. The Israelites were told to work six days, not the five we are accustomed to in the western world as just one example.  Hard work is a trademark of true Christians.

Given the absurdity of the comparison, it is easy to see why so few people have made it. However, as Christianity continues to decline in the west, I expect to hear much more of this as people attempt to maintain their economic conservatism without the historical and scriptural foundation of the Bible.  So, for the record, socialism has nothing to do with the Bible, nor does it have anything to do with creation science.  There is no Scriptural mandate for socialism, but there is for creation science.

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