Big Bang Causes?

The Big Bang has been the standard cosmological model for something like the last half-century or more. However, there have been numerous nagging questions that have failed to be resolved. Perhaps the biggest one is what caused the Big Bang to occur.  This has been a huge mystery for secular cosmologists. However a recent paper in the well-respected peer-reviewed journal Science claims to have found the reason the big bang occurred. As always there are severe issues with the information presented to the public as fact.

The Big Bang, for anyone who may have missed it somehow, is the idea that the universe exploded into existence from nothing.  Some researchers say it was literally nothing, while others claim it came from an infinitesimally small dot of compressed matter and energy.  This supposedly exploded creating the matter from which the stars, galaxies, planets, and life itself emerged.  There are all manner of problems with this hypothesis, and researchers have been attempting to solve many of them.

These researchers, from the University of Central Florida, detailed some theoretical mechanisms which, in their view, could have sparked the Big Bang. They were not originally looking into the origin of the universe. Their research was focused on hypersonic jet propulsion. In the process of attempting to make jet engines better, they discovered some processes which they believe have some relevance on the explosion from a tiny dot to a universe (or universes if you buy the multiverse idea that sometimes is tied to tbe Big Bang). The exact processes involved are very complicated physics, Suffice to say, the processes do work for supersonic jet engines.

According to the press release from the university:

The key is applying the right amount of turbulence and mixing to an unconfined flame until it become self-perpetuating, at which point the flame begins to burn the ingested energy leading to a Mach 5 hypersonic supernova explosion.

In other words, what these researchers did was stir up the matter and mix it with a flame until the fire was self-sustaining, which eventually led to an explosion.  This leads to a couple of questions. First of all, how did the flames get there? The researchers claim that at a certain density, there will be spontaneous combustion. If that’s true, how did the matter in the singularity (the fancy term for the dot) get compressed to that density? The second question is what caused the compressed matter to get stirred up? And how did it happen in just the right way that would permit the spontaneously combusting matter to remain alight? These questions all need to be answered before they can definitively claim this mechanism could have sparked the Big Bang.

Even if this spark that fired the Big Bang, the evolutionary cosmologists still have a ton of unanswered questions. They need to explain, for example, the formation of all the heavy elements, the formation of stars and galaxies,  the cosmic microwave background not being uniform, and numerous other similar problems.  None of these have been satisfactorily explained, despite decades of trying.

Evolutionists will, of course, dismiss this as mere creationist propaganda but the facts remain.  The fact that these are problems is illustrated by the fact that the cosmological evolutionists have appealed to a wide variety of mechanisms to solve their problems. These mechanisms include dark energy, dark matter, and inflation. These share one key thing in common. We have observed none of them.  There is some anecdotal evidence for dark matter.  Inflation, particularly the inflaton particle that drives it, has never been observed and the inflaton conflicts with much of what we know about physics. The same idea applies to dark energy.

Unfortunately, despite its many flaws, evolutionists are unlikely to abandon the Big Bang, simply for lack of a viable alternative.  They refuse to believe that the world was created by God so they are left with proposing a purely naturalistic explanation. In order to maintain their war against God, they must accept a naturalistic explanation for the origin of the universe, however, absurd, however little evidence there is for it. The Big Bang is simply is the best secular model available since it has made a single correct prediction: the existence of the cosmic microwave background. Nevermind that every single one of its other predictions has been wrong, never mind they have to believe in unobservable magic forces to make it work, atheists are determined to not believe in God.




  1. It’s nearly a century ago that the Belgian catholic priest Georges Lemaître came up with the early theories of the Big Bang. Not only was he an ordained priest, but professor of physics at the Catholic University of Louvain.


      1. Even Pope Francis stated in 2015 that the Big Bang was the start of the universe (not that he has a massive science background, just a diploma; but I’m sure he would have come to the conclusion with academic and theologian advisers).


      2. And Francis is an authority why? Even within the Catholic church there are a lot of people who are questioning his validity as pope, let alone his authority. As a Baptist, I can say I haven’t cared about the opinion of popes for something like two thousand years.


  2. The truth is, and scientists will readily and happily admit this when asked, we don’t really know what caused the beginning of our universe.. and then the expansion of it, which is actually what the big bang is, yet. And that’s the Yet that drives actual inquiry and investigation. But then again, neither do believers in God “know” what began our universe or even where God came from or how He came to bed. They just believe they do. I believe in God but I don’t presume to Know.

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    1. It is logically inconsistent to think of an all powerful God as having a beginning. If God had to have a beginning, then something had to make Him and that something would have itself had to have a maker and so on. It creates an endless chain going backwards. It is much more logical to believe in an eternal, all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent God.


      1. Have you heard of the fallacy called Special Pleading?
        The irony of this post is that you’re calling out scientists and physicists for not knowing yet what they are still investigating, but unwilling to admit that you’re the one who’s being illogical by declaring you Know when you don’t really know, but just believe.


      2. Let me ask you something….did you observe the Big Bang? Has anyone ever sucessfully recreated the Big Bang in the lab? (on a full scale?) Or it accepted on faith? See, that’s the key. The Big Bang and the creation account in Genesis are both historical claims. The difference being, we have an eyewitness account of creation and a bunch of people in the present grasping at straws about the Big Bang.


      3. We have an eyewitness account of creation.
        No! We (you) don’t! Even if Genesis were correct, the supposed eyewitnesses – Adam and Eve – didn’t show up until after the process was over.
        BTW; Your characterization of the Big Bang exploding all matter into existence “from nothing,” is disingenuous. If cosmologists’ theories are correct, the building blocks of all matter – every particle – as well as every erg of energy, was contained in the hyper-dense singularity. All that has occurred in 13.8 billion years, is some minor – still ongoing – redecorating.
        Also, despite your claim, above, the mechanics of the formation of heavier elements, as well as planets, stars and galaxies is well-known and understood. Guys like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking figured that stuff out. 🙄


  3. There was never nothing. Part of the problem is you ask the wrong question. Could you even begin to prove there was ever nothing? It’s a ridiculous proposition to shoehorn the existence of a god. And if you’re going to quote science as your conclusive ideation, will you agree with the rest of it? The Big Bang is a theory. There was never nothing


      1. I would say you have replaced matter with god. Can you demonstrate that there was ever nothing, or even conceive of such? The invention of the god of your choosing has created a conundrum. Everything that is explained as god has to be excused or reinvented every other week.


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