Dinosaur Profile: Irritator

It has been a long time since we did a dinosaur profile but, as part of our new year plan, we are going to try to bring these back, at least periodically. In each case, we will be using them not just to talk about the dinosaur itself, but also to discuss a broader concept.   Today’s dinosaur is Irritator, and, as its name suggests, it is a source of irritation both to its discoverer and to us at In His Image.

Irritator is a relatively recent addition to the dinosaur group.  Described in 1996 and placed eventually in the same group as Spinosaurus, Irritator takes its name from the frustration its discoverer experienced when he realized the specimen had been heavily edited to make it appear more interesting to science. Originally, the specimen was classified with raptors, but it was quickly moved into the same group as Spinosaurus. The type specimen was discovered in Brazil then sold to a German museum after being heavily edited.

According to the describers, Irritator was around twenty to twenty-six feet long, and likely weighed in the neighborhood of one to three tons. So in their view, it was probably slightly larger than an average dinosaur. Since it was a type of Spinosaur, it is believed to have had a sail on its back and been a fish eater, at least part of the time. There are differing estimates on the age of the remains since it is impossible to look at the rocks, given the specimen was not dug up by scientists, but it is believed, if it came from the rocks that are claimed, that the specimen is about 110 million years old, at least in an evolutionary view. Because they have jaws that vaguely resemble modern crocodiles,  Irritator has been postulated to eat a general carnivorous diet, consisting of whatever it could impale in its jaws.

Of course, as creationists, we know Irritator is not 110 million years old. It’s only a few thousand years old. We also know that it did not start its existence as a meat-eater since every land animal ate plants in the beginning. Further, it is likely that, presuming Irritator exists (more on that in a moment) it was not created. Instead, Irritator is likely a type of the originally created Spinosaur kind which speciated out prior to the Flood in the days of Noah.

Of course, all of this is assuming that Irritator even exists. Researchers do not have much to work with when it comes to Irritator. In fact, what they have is a few fragments of skull and a couple pieces of the jawbone. That’s it. No spine, no appendages, no sail, nothing else and the few bones they do have are heavily manipulated by their own admission.  Yet they have manufactured a whole new genus out of a few small fragments of bone.  And they call creationists delusional.

Given how badly damaged the bone is, and how it has been manipulated by the fossil collectors who sold it, I have to ask the obvious question: How do they know it isn’t a crocodile skull? They freely admit it resembles a crocodile skull anyway so why are they forcing into a dinosaur mold, particularly when they know it has been altered? I think the answer is likely that no one cares if you find a crocodile skull but the public is fascinated with dinosaurs. If you describe a new dinosaur, you get a lot more publicity than if you describe a new crocodile.  This is not to say it is not a dinosaur skull fragment. It could be.  But, given the evolutionists have no idea where it was dug up, no idea how much damage was done to the original bone, and no idea what the original looked like due to lack of bones, I see absolutely no reason why they made a whole new dinosaur genus out of it.

Unfortunately Irritator style “discoveries” are all too common in paleontology.  We have written previously about Rugops, the genera based on a single skull, but Irritator is even worse, as there is much less skeletal material. Thus while there are over seven hundred named dinosaur species, odds are most of them do not actually exist.  Depending on who you talk to, there could be as many as seventy different kinds of dinosaur that were originally created.  Throughout this year, we will be periodically taking the time to determine the dinosaur kinds.  So stay with us as we move into 2020 if you love dinosaurs like we do!


Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.



  1. interesting and yES to most points. yet this YEC creationist has come to the conclusion that God never created dinosaurs. there were no dinos. instead the few types were just creatures within other kinds of creatures which are probably still with us today.
    its just a spectrum of diversity going on in all these critters. So i suspect this creature was just a theropod dinosaur or rather just a giant flightless bird. It was just a big bird like t rex. they had bird bones, feathers, wishbones, egg laying, and every detail that is like a bird. Even its vocal abilities.
    they were not reptiles/lizards whatsoever. Why does this help YEC? because it kills off the idea of a dinosaur group created by God. There was a bird group, as the ark shows, with kinds but kinds should be few. so YEC can just squeeze theropod dinos into kinds of birds. its not that these dinos became irds as modern evolutionists are forced to say but instead THEY WERE BIRDS.
    It was a misclassification of fossils. i think creationists struggling to deny the dino-bird link will lose and instead should embrace the a better idea. NO dinos existed. jUst kinds and simply adjusted tuypes within kinds. makes more sense i think.


    1. Hate to tell you Robert but the anatomical experts on the creationist side think dinosaurs were their own distinct creatures. Yes we get fragmentary fossils like this that should not be classified as their own genera, but the morphology and bone structure of birds is very different to that of dinosaurs. They share basically no similarities, other than a few birds which have been deliberately misclassified as dinosaurs to force a link to exist.


      1. 2020 could be the year for YEC insight on dinosaurs.
        its not dinosaurs but only one tuype of them. The theropod ones which are the bird like ones. ju8st wiki.
        The theropod dinos are so much fantastic like birds that THIS morphology forced them to see birds as evolving from them. they are wrong. instead these theropod dinos ARE birds.
        They were not reptiles at all. just giant flightless ground birds .
        There is no deliberate misclassification to force a link.
        if interested there is many excellent youtubes on this.
        1, the dinobird. This is about the living cassoway but is wonderful in how its a perfect link wink theropods even t rex
        2, 10 (or was it 6) myths about dinosaurs..
        3, jake horner, consultant to the jurassic park movies, has one about how to turn a chicken into a dinosaur.
        if you youtube these you can tell which ones i mean. They are not creationists but the case for the likeness of birds is excellent..
        Of coarse there is wikipedia.
        there is also a famous british BBC radio show called IN OUR TIME. Its on the internet and they have one on FEATHERED DINOSAURS. i just relistened the other day. great info .
        if interested seek them out with a hot cholalut and perhaps I can persude to kill the dinosaur myth that has bugged creationists too much. We just needed to squeeze them inot the KINDS we already have. theropod dinos are just dumb turkeys with teeth. 9Don’t tell them i said that).0


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