Feathered Dinosaurs


Host Emory Moynagh talks about the latest “dino-bird” and feathered dinosaurs in general.

Dr. Menton’s article



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1 Comment

  1. This was really well done. Good talker too. I didn’t know birds ancles were what one saw as knees. His great points were about the classification being worthless. Amen. likewise how he denies some dinosaurs were that but instead were birds. Yes some birds had teeth. however he must go further. Theropod dinosaurs never existed. they are just flightless ground birds. There are no dinosaurs or great lizards. Its a myth. its a mididentification withing a misclassification system. SO its should be welcome to find feathers on theropod “things” and I do. Creationism, because of the hints from genesis, can be the innovators and fighters for a new idea. dinos are just types of creatures in kinds. the bird like ones are bird like because they are birds. wishbones, feathers and all. Sorry kids the dinos never existed..this is a very progressive forward YEC podcast. very cool.


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