Dr. Ken Coulson and Creation Unfolding


Host Emory Moynagh discusses a book by Dr. Ken Coulson entitled Creation Unfolding. It has issues.

Host Emory Moynagh is joined by Dr. Ken Coulson to discuss his book, Creation Unfolding. 

Our review of Creation Unfolding



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  1. First, thank you for your podcast. I just discovered it. I have long said that “I am tired of the basics” in regards of creationism, and your efforts address that need.
    In regard to why chimps and man have similarities, I realize in the context of the discussion, the “why” is in the sense of “how did it come to be this way”. I will add a thought that is more about “why,” meaning purpose. Though, if purpose is a part of Coulson’s Supernatural Formative Process, then it is still in his SFP concept.

    The idea is something I heard from Hugh Ross’s “Reasons to Believe” podcast years ago. I disagree with his old-earth approach, but liked this discussion they had about why some creatures have similarities to others. Their statement is that perhaps it was for the purpose of giving us an example to study. They allow us to see how different genetics generated different results. And the give us subjects that we can ethically study in ways that would be immoral to do with a human being. And not just to understand normal function, but to do medical research.

    So the reason chimps and man have some similarities, may be to provide us a tool for science.


    1. First of all, glad you like the podcast. We do try to go into stuff that is more outside what you hear from everyday creation talks, though sometimes we need to cover stuff that is a little more basic. That’s an intriguing idea and makes a certain amount of sense on its face. I will have to think about it more and see what I come up with. 🙂


      1. I’ve continued to think on this over the day, and recalled with another purpose that was proposed by the folks at Reasons to Believe [RTB]. They view the progressive creation as analogous to a human creator, since we were made in his image. So, they propose that God just took his time as an artist and enjoyed the process. So, this fits with Coulson’s SFP concept, even if RTB’s timeline is very different.

        I also recall RTB commented on monkeys specifically. They said that people enjoy watching monkeys, and they suggested that God may have made them because he enjoyed seeing them. So simple enjoyment is another viable purpose. I think this is supported by scripture when God says creation was “very good”.


      2. I can see some points to that argument, but I’m always careful of anything that comes from RTB given Ross’s track record of…well repeated position changes….worth considering though.


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