Abortion: A Satanic Sacrament

No, the title is not hyperbole, as much as I wish it were. I’ve suspected for some time that Satan really enjoys murdering babies for some perverse reason known only to himself and God. After all, many of the pagan religions either permit or exalt child sacrifice in some way, particularly the Canaanite and Phonecian religions. Common child sacrifice tends to be a mark of the last stages of a culture. While open child sacrifice in service to a pagan deity is frowned upon in our sophisticated culture, we still sacrifice children to a false god. The sacrifice has just changed from an open, public one in front of the community to symbolize how much you worshipped the gods to a private, hidden one to symbolize how much you worship self.  However, it is slowly morphing back into the old system of performing the sacrifice publicly, with the “Shout Your Abortion” campaigns and now the admission by the church of Satan that it is a sacrament of their church.

The Satanic Temple is mostly a parody church, at least that’s how it was founded. They do not believe Satan exists as a person, instead seeking to promote an atheistic form of worship. The point was to make fun of Christianity by pretending to worship the foe of the Christian God. However, they have legal status as a religious group and they are making use of it in the usual godless way that Satan works. They have filed a suit against all of Nevada’s restrictions on abortion. According to their lawsuit, any restrictions on abortion imposed on their members is a violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. According to the Satanists, because some of their members view abortion as a religious ritual, the restrictions cannot be imposed on their religion.

If the Satanic Temple is considered a religion, they might actually win this challenge. And that is terrifying. However, given that they are actually atheists masquerading as a theistic religion, they may have trouble with it. My larger concern is the admission that abortion is a Satanic sacrament. While obviously, I do not trust Satanists to tell me the truth unless it benefits them, the mere fact that they think they can tell the public this and have it accepted is horrifying.

However, while I do not necessarily trust the Satanists to tell the truth, what they are saying fits perfectly with Satanism.  Satanism loves to parody any and everything that is good with a vicious, evil counterpart. It also loves to pervert things that are good and turn them to evil. Abortion allows them to do all those things. It allows them to promote free sex, something they do frequently, without consequences. It allows them to taunt mainstream Christianity which is somewhat weakly against abortion. It also brings them back to their ultimately pagan roots. The Baal worship of Canaan and Phoenicia featured regular child sacrifice. Child sacrifice happened in Greek and Roman religion as well, though it was rare.

In an ultimate sense though, abortion is a Satanic sacrament because it enables people to worship themselves.  Since the Temple of Satan is atheistic in their outlook, their support for abortion makes perfect sense. After all, atheism is essentially the worship of self. The Church of Satan, another atheistic Satanist group actually admits they worship themselves on their website.  For a woman who worships herself, it is easy to see how a child might be an inconvenience.  She will have to walk around heavy for nine months, wake up at all hours to care for the child, then devote eighteen years of her life to its care. For a selfish self-worshipper, that is far too much. For a true Satan worshipper, they view the act as a service to Satan, an offering of sorts to their deity.

There is a saying “Learn from history or be doomed to repeat it.” Most people have not done the former, therefore we are doing the latter. Our culture is decaying into the Caananite culture that Israel destroyed. Be certain of this: the judgment of God is sure, just, and exceedingly thorough. Josiah merely delayed God’s justice for Israel’s sins. I suspect Christians in America are likely doing the same at this point, but the longer it can be delayed, the more souls that can be freely won for Christ. And yes, even Satanists can be born again.

Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.


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