Examples of Evolution Debunked Pt 4

Darwin's Finches

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been working on a multipart series debunking a list of supposed examples of evolution. This article will wrap up the list. While there are more examples on the list, they involve changes in thought and technology which are outside the realm of biology and thus will be left alone. Reminder that this list mis-defined evolution as change over time, which is why many of these examples are used. It also used some blatanly misleading and false examples and this final part will feature more of them.

  1. Lactose Intolerance in Humans

The argument here is that humans are the only species that do not become lactose intolerant as they age. The problem is, most people other than those with certain ancestry, do become lactose intolerant as adults. Lactose tolerance is a mutation that we have discussed previously on the blog so we will not belabor it here. However, it is not an example of evolution. If anything, it is an example of devolution.

2. Sickle Cell Hemoglobin

This one really infuriates me. It references a particular gene variant found mostly in west Africa that, when two copies are present, causes sickle cell anemia. This is a painful disease that essentially deprives the body of oxygen by distorting the shape of the red blood cell from its normal shape to vaguely resemble a sickle. These cells cause clogs in the blood vessels and do not carry oxygen. However, because of the shape of the cell, people carrying this disease are resistant to the malarial parasite. People carrying two copies of sickle cell tend to live very short lives. However, in some areas of West Africa where malaria is prominent, people who do not carry sickle cell trait usually suffer from malaria and die. People who carry the trait, but do not have two copies, are largely immune to malaria and, while they do suffer from some sickle cell trait, they survive better than any other group.

However, while all of what I said was correct, that is not evolution. In one unique situation, sickle cell trait is beneficial. Despite this, every person carrying the trait suffers to one degree or another. This is an example of the genome breaking down that just happens to have a benefit in a very specific situation. People with this disease who are never exposed to malaria suffer terrible pain and get no benefit out of it. If this is evolution, the evolutionists have a lot of explaining to do.

3. Whale Fossil Record

This one is also pretty funny. The evolutionists regularly use the whale series regularly as one of their flagship evidences of evolution. However, the whale series is one long mess. Many of the purported whale ancestors have been debunked over the years. Pakicetus was portrayed as a semi-aquatic missing link, complete with flippers. Turns out, it was basically an over-sized rat that did not have flippers, but normal legs meant for running on land. Generally one of the strongest proofs offered in the whale series is the ear bones. However similar ear bones do not trump the wide gulf in morphology and anatomy that separate whales from their supposed land based ancestors. If one trait was enough to determine ancestry, bats would be descended from pterosaurs.

4. Guppy Colors

It almost looks like the author of this list did not even understand this. Answers in Genesis has a great article on how natural selection works in guppies. Turns out, changes in guppy populations in response to predation is an example of natural selection, not evolution. The two are not synonymous, no matter how much evolutionists want them to be.

5. Feathered Dinosaurs

This one is really comical. First of all, feathered dinosaurs are a myth. Most supposed “feathered dinosaurs” are either actually birds misclassified as dinosaurs, or do not actually have feathers. Even some secularists are unconvinced by the supposed evidence for feathered dinosaurs. While they represent a minority, they do exist and get their papers published in secular journals so the question is still an open one. Second, even if feathered dinosaurs exist, they would not provide evidence for evolution. Some creationists believe God created several kinds of feathered dinosaurs at the beginning. So feathered dinosaurs are in a zone of overlap. They provide no evidence for either view because both views can accomodate them

So there you have it folks, a complete list of supposed evidence for evolution debunked. Want us to address a specific item on the list in more detail, or perhaps want us to address a different evidence? Let us know in the comments and we will consider it.

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