Two Worldviews

I’ve written about worldviews before but an article I recently read on the CBC website really brought home something Answers in Genesis, particularly Bodie Hodge has argued for a long time. “In an ultimate sense, there are only two religions in the world: God’s and not God’s.” Exactly where I heard Hodge make that comment I do not recall, but it has stuck with me and the recent CBC article brought this home. The article was about a group of indigenous people in Canada who wrote a letter to the peer-reviewed journal Nature. Nature is one of the most respected peer reviewed journals in the world. Publishing a letter to Nature is a big deal and carries a lot of weight. However, it was the contents of the letter, not who wrote it, that caught my attention.

The letter to Nature advocated the indigenous religious principles of oneness with the natural world. The writers argued that responding to the COVID-19 pandemic required taking care of animal health and the planet. The idea, known as “one health” argues that humans, animals, and the environment are all interconnected. Since the environment is sick because of pollution and climate change, humans and animals are becoming sick as well, or so the idea goes. Fifty years ago, Nature would have rightly laughed such an absurd excuse for science right back to the Yukon Territory from whence it came. However, current climates are the perfect storm for such pseudoscience to proliferate. Most major organizations, including science journals, are bending themselves into pretzels trying to accommodate demands from “ethnic minorities” in order to seem more accepting and less “white”. Further, spirituality is on the rise, even among hardened atheists like many in the scientific community. Therefore an acceptance of a sort of Gaia/Mother Earth idea from native traditions is not a stretch.

This all brings us back to the Hodge quote I led with. Hodge’s argument is that people either follow God, or follow some man made religion that is both inherently contradictory, and, tangentially, open to working with other versions of man made religion to suppress the truth. That is exactly what we are seeing here. Imagine, for a moment, that a group of Christian’s wrote a letter to Nature suggesting that we needed to follow Christian principles and stop using evolutionary dogma to try to defeat cancer. Would such a letter be published? Of course not! Nature would never publish creationists because the scientific community has an inherent bias against evangelical Christians, let alone creationists. I was listening to Sal Cordova on Standing For Truth’s YouTube channel the other day and he said one of his papers had been rejected from seven separate technical journals, not because it was wrong, but because he wrote it. In fact, one editor even told him the paper’s conclusions were accurate, but still refused to publish it. Nature would never publish Christians, yet they will gladly publish indigenous religious beliefs.

Hodge is right. There are only two religions. There are a bunch of subsets of the two (Baptists and Protestant denominations vrs atheism, Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism etc), but ultimately it comes down to a choice of authority. Is God the authority, or is some man somewhere the authority? While there will be some infighting between members of the two groups, generally speaking the various religions of men will team up to attack Christianity. What is sad is many so called Christians will also jump in with the atheists to attack Christians who actually value the Bible. I suspect many so called Christians who regularly side with atheists in origins and morality debates are actually functional atheists who very rarely practice their purported faith.

This Nature article clearly illustrates the point. Nature and other science journals would turn down any paper submitted that even hinted at a Christian explanation for a problem, claiming they were not science. Yet if people approach it from a pantheistic perspective, Nature has no problem publishing them. Because Nature and the indigenous people who wrote the letter share the same religion, man’s, Nature is happy to publish them, even though it is outside the realms of anything remotely resembling observational science. Don’t hold your breath on them publishing a creationists letter.


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