The New State Religion

CS Lewis, in the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia series presents a Narnia taken over largely by evil. The enemies of Narnia are running the show and the worship of Aslan has been prostituted to support the new state religion, It is a religion that takes from the people for the benefit of the few elites, and combines the worship of Aslan with that of the evil false god Tash. While the allegory to the last days of the Bible is rather weak, and there is a significant heresy contained in the book (Aslan, supposed to represent Christ, accepts the worship of a follower of Tash, the Devil, done in good faith), the scenario itself it prophetic.

Let me explain what I mean. In Lewis’ scenario, the false god Tash represents the Devil. Some of the agents of the Devil, particularly an ape, set up a false religion in Narnia, masquerading as the true worship of Aslan. They convince the people that a donkey wearing a lion skin is Aslan and that he wants them to give up their money to serve him. However, this is not enough. The ape makes a deal with the enemies of Narnia and combines the worship of Aslan with the worship of Tash, in a religion worshiping Taslan. The inhabitants of Narnia are made slaves to this new false deity and anyone who objects is fed to Tash. The slaves are so terrified of the Tashlan that they will not even free their rightful king when he is captured. Only a very few objectors are left when the real Aslan arrives.

I submit that the above scenario is similar to what we are about to see unfold in the United States. The Evangelicals in the pew are the citizens of Narnia. They think they are serving God by giving to their denominations, serving in the church, and so on, and, in some cases they are. However, the Evangelical leaders are the ape. They sold out long ago and are pushing a false brand of Christianity nearly indistinguishable from the popular culture that is supported by the gifts and work of the people in the pew. The people in the pew are largely either ignorant or afraid to speak out. Those that do are labeled unChristian, divisive, and cast out of their churches. Seeing the parallels yet.

The thing is, compromise is never good enough for men like Russell Moore, Tim Keller, and Albert Mohler. Just like the ape, they will compromise further, even working with the enemies of the church to enhance their own power and prestige. Men like this do not care for the spiritual health of the church or those in the pew. All they care about is maintaining their institutions and their position. Exhibit A is Russell Moore fawning over President Biden during the inauguration, despite Biden’s first act being forcing girls to be subjected to boys in their locker rooms. That is evil. Yet nary a word of condemnation from Moore. Big Eva is lusting for power and prestige in the world’s eyes, while spurning her obligations to the church.

The current path can only end one way. The mainstream Evangelical church is already going full woke. When the government comes in and says you must accept transgenders as full members, pastors and so on, when it says you must marry gays, when it says you must support abortion, most churches will be like the Narnians. They will gladly surrender the truth to worship Tashlan. There will be a state religion in America. Because America has a longstanding religious tradition, the left cannot purge religion as they would perhaps prefer. Instead, they will do as China and Russia have done and establish a state favored church. This church will dance to the whims of the state, but will still call itself Christian. It will incorporate elements of gender identity theory, critical theory, Marxism, and universalism. The Russell Moores of the world will enthusiastically join the state church and call on all other Christians to do likewise.

Those who hold to traditional Christian doctrines will not be welcome in Tashlan’s church. The state will label them terrorists and threats to the state. They will receive the same treatment objectors to Tashlan did in Lewis’ book and that true Christians do today in China. The best that can be hoped for are Nazi style concentration camps to “reeducate” the Christian into properly following the doctrines of the state. Though perhaps death is to be preferred to such torture and indoctrination. What will be worse will be the condemnation of those who are the state church “Christians” for supposedly harming Christian witness.

While all this is very bleak, I do want to remind you of something that happens both in Lewis book and the Bible. See, you always need to read to the end of the story. Aslan returns and crushes his opponents. Jesus will one day return and do likewise both the the statists, and their enablers in the state church. And that is something to look forward to. No matter how dark the tunnel, there is a flicker of light at the end of it: the coming of Christ!

Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.


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