If the Foundations Be Destroyed

Ps 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

I was reading through Psalms as part of my daily devotions and I was struck with this verse. Its nothing that has not been discussed before, by many people more intelligent and popular than I am. Yet I felt I should cover it, at least briefly to explain the mess we are in. Note that I am aware the passage is talking about God our refuge, and therefore am not attempting to exegete the passage.

The question asked in the verse is rhetorical yet powerful and explanatory. If you consider American history, until very recently we thought of ourselves as a Christian nation, founded on Christian values. Sure many, even a majority perhaps of Americans were not truly born again, but they were mostly heavily influenced by Christian values. These values worked themselves out in American culture and in how Americans thought about each other and about issues.

However, values are ultimately dependent on worldviews. As Darwinism forced its way into the culture, often invited in by leading members of the intellectual class of the church, the culture began to change. No longer was man created in the image of God. Instead, he was descended from an ape-like ancestor of some kind. The implications of that view were that man had the same value as any other animal. Human life became as valuable as a cow taken to slaughter. The worldview of the culture shifted, and, as it did so, morals shifted with it.

The Darwinian worldview’s low view of human life manifested itself viciously in the Roe v Wade decision. Human life only had value if it was not an inconvenience to the mother. Sexual morality? Don’t need those morals if you’re highly evolved pond scum and the only point of your existence is to reproduce. Faithfulness to the marriage covenant? Nah, don’t need that. Most animals don’t mate for life, why should humans? Some animals are hermaphrodites or change sexes during their life. Why shouldn’t we? When humanity is regarded as nothing more than a higher form of animal, anything goes. This was the view willingly invited into the church by many Evangelical leaders.

While the mainstream church did (and still does) attempted to mesh evolution with the Bible, they did not realize the destructive consequences of so doing. When you force fit evolution into the Bible, you’re forced to throw out the foundation for marriage, gender, and the value of human life. The origins of sin and death become a mystery, and it is no longer possible to understand why Jesus had to come and die. That frees the path for heresies that reject Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross for some other understanding, which are promoted by many supposedly Christian evolutionists. Ultimately, when you accept evolution, no matter what you do, you destroy the foundation for Christianity. Every doctrine becomes open for question, even those at the core of Christianity.

If you want to understand the moral degeneracy of America, trace the history of the American church. First they compromised on evolution, then the compromise on morality naturally followed. In fact, it is an inescapable implication of evolution. Morality always collapses in its wake because evolution eliminates any absolute standard. And this is what the church embraced in the name of “science”. We kicked our own foundational doctrine out from under us and we are surprised the house collapsed? We shouldn’t be. Without the foundation of a historical Genesis, correctly understanding key doctrines, like atonement, sin, and death, becomes impossible.

So what can the righteous do? At this point, I’ll be honest, not a lot. Most churches and denominations are long gone, composed mostly of pagans playing church like children play adults. So we need to preserve what is left. Pray for revival, get solid creation teaching in your church, teach it to your children, and educate yourself. We do not live in times for passive or weak people. The times we live in require strength and leadership. Let’s not kick the foundation out from under what remains. Instead, lets rebuild the foundation so that the house will stand when the inevitable persecution comes.

Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.

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