Pedophilia: The Next Step

A couple of weeks ago, I posted consecutive articles on the transgender myth and why it conflicts with both the Bible and evolutionary theory.  This generated a bit of backlash, particularly from Christians who don’t want to be seen as hateful or unloving.  This article is not a response to that. Rather, this is a warning of what is to come.  The goal of the movement is not equality for trangendered, or homosexual individuals. The ultimate goal is indoctrination of children to accept these ideas and, eventually reach a stage where pedophilia is socially acceptable.

Before you get out the pitchforks and torches, please hear me out.  This is a serious problem. Incidents of pedophilia are rapidly increasing.  While it’s impossible to quantify just how many people, mostly male, are turning to pedophilia due to the secretive nature of the offense, arrests for child molestation have risen over thirty percent just this year.  Undoubtedly this is partly due to the current administration enforcing the law so the numbers are skewed, but the increase is frightening none the less.  With the increasing acceptance of transgenderism, men now have more unquestioned access to young girls than ever before.  This may be part of the uptick, as more pedophiles may be able to act on their perverse desires. The internet is also partly to blame, as child pornography has become a massive issue and it allows easy access to children for pedophiles.

However, perhaps the biggest reason for the rise of pedophilia is the normalization of it by so called intellectuals, under pressure from the gay and transgender lobbies. It used to be that, if someone had a sexual interest in a child, they were shunned and had to hide it. While the action itself is still criminal, people with this mindset are no longer considered wrong or disgusting.   A criminal psychologist in England made this statement last year. “I believe Paedophilic Disorder is a sexual orientation with individual that are attracted to child features. In other words, an individual with paedophilia has the same ingrained attraction that a heterosexual female may feel towards a male, or a homosexual feels towards their same gender” Essentially pedophilia (spelled Paedophilia in the UK) is now acceptable as a sexual orientation just like homosexuality and transgenderism.

The fact that a psychologist thinks that pedophile should be viewed as normal ought to terrify parents everywhere.  Some people might think that this is an isolated instance. It isn’t. There are whole organizations dedicated to normalizing such relationships. Wikipedia maintains a list, though it is certainly incomplete.  A 2011 academic conference in Baltimore invited pro-pedophile activists to help redefine what pedophilia was classified as. This is where we are folks. We have reached a point where even our children are not safe from the sexual revolution.

If you are wondering how we got here, you are not alone.  The overlooked answer to the question ties back to evolutionary theory.  Evolutionary theory claims that man is nothing more than a highly evolved animal. If man is nothing more than a highly evolved animal, then all bets are off.  Morality is no longer absolute.  There was a time when man believed that morals came from a higher power, and thus were absolute and set in stone. If there is no higher power, then there are no absolutes.  If there are no absolutes, then who is to say that pedophilia is wrong? By eroding moral absolutes, evolution has caused this crisis of morality.

The issue here for the evolutionist, who will undoubtedly come to support this just as he has homosexuality and transgenderism, is that pedophilia makes no sense in the evolutionary framework. Evolution is all about passing on an organism’s genes.  Some evolutionist’s have gone so far as to say that the only point to life is reproduction. Pedophilia, in most cases, does not result in children being born, so why would organisms with pedophilia tendencies not be slowly selected against and ultimately die out? If it was a disease or a mental disorder, would it not have been selected against and reduced to a minimum or eradicated completely?  Evolution is actually strongly against pedophilia. It should not exist if evolutionary theory is correct.

Creationists have no problem in being ideologically consistent in condemning pedophilia. The damage it does to children would be reason enough, but the Biblical command not to commit adultery confirms it. Creationist also point out that pedophilia, along with homosexuality and transgenderism, are byproducts of man’s sinful nature and should be called exactly that.

This has not been an easy article for me to write. As a former teacher, children are very near to my heart. However, I wanted to make clear what the agenda is here and why pedophilia is becoming more mainstream.  Hopefully, this brief article will help people understand what it is they stand for and against, and why it is important to stand firm in their beliefs.




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