It Just Gets Worse

Editors Note: This article contains thematic elements likely not suitable for young children. Read with care.

Just when the moral cesspool that is our culture seems to have hit rock bottom, it somehow manages to seep through and find a level lower than the previous one.  There has been a spate of negative news articles lately as our culture rapidly plunges off the cliff of moral relativism. From pedophiles roaming twitter while the social media platform declares war on Biblical truth, to the revelation that pastors in independent Baptist churches have been covering up sexual abuse in their churches for decades, December has not been a good month for Christians.  It just got worse.

I’ve been warning on these pages for two years that the logical next step after homosexual marriage was pedophilia. It seems my predictions are coming true. I wish they weren’t, but apparently, a gay strip club in New York City is determined to fight with San Francisco for the title “most debauched place in America.” Around the beginning of December, this club decided it was an excellent idea to have a drag queen perform for the club. Ordinarily, this would not be big news, it’s a club full of men and women who have abandoned God’s plan for their lives so it’s not surprising that they’d bring in a drag queen performer. However, when the performer is an eleven-year-old boy, it’s news. Thankfully, having a child perform a partial striptease is not considered normal in this country yet.  And for those of you wondering, yes this did actually happen.

The unfortunate child in question did his drag queen act with the full knowledge, consent, and encouragement of his parents. Unfortunately, with the twisted sick world we live in, this kind of sexualization of a child is apparently not grounds for arrest in New York City. Their mayor has much bigger things to do, like insulting his police department and promoting Communism.  During the performance, the mostly male audience showered the unfortunate child with dollar bills, much as they would any other stripper.

What is sickening is that, as Matt Walsh pointed out, if this had actually been an eleven-year-old girl in there doing these things rather than an eleven-year-old boy dressed as a girl, odds are, the club would have been shut down, everyone present arrested, the owners jailed, the parents jailed, and the child placed in foster care. I’ve had my quibbles with Walsh over his complete lack of understanding of the creation issue, but on social issues, he’s generally dead on. And what’s worse, is there are members of the mainstream media applauding the fact that this poor abused child is doing sexually charged dances to please adults.

I keep hammering on this point because it keeps coming up. I doubt even most of the atheist community would be ok with this. But what they fail to realize is that this is the logical outgrowth of their worldview. Without a God,  an ultimate authority to be feared and respected, anything goes. With the post-modern atheistic culture of modern America, there is no God, therefore laws are the ultimate authority. But, since laws are made by man, they carry little weight and can be changed or broken if the breaker thinks he has a valid reason. “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Judges 21:25 tells us.  Without any enforcement of the law, Israel did whatever they felt like doing. They forgot God and fell into the ways of the surrounding nations, bringing judgment upon themselves time after time.

We are not Israel. We have no promise of God continually redeeming us.  And our sin is beginning to resemble that of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Homosexuality is rampantly accepted, pedophilia is rapidly making inroads.  We’ve lost any right to claim “God bless America” not like we ever had that much of a right, to begin with.  We need to be on our knees begging God to forgive this nation and give us a nationwide revival. Without it, America will be judged. God is a righteous God. He will not tolerate our child sacrificing abortions, our sodomy, our pedophilia forever. We need to beg God for forgiveness for not standing on His Word and opposing these vile perversions soon enough or strong enough, then beg Him for revival.


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