Francis Collins and Abortion

For anyone who is not already aware I’m not exactly best of friends with the head of the National Institute of Health Francis Collins. Up to this point though, my disagreements with Collins had been his founding of the group BioLogos, a theistic evolution group which I believe is spreading a malignant heresy in the church. However, his recent public support of the use of aborted babies for medical research is simply unacceptable and should serve as a wake-up call to anyone flirting with evolutionary creationism as a potential alternative to the Bible.

Collins is the founder of BioLogos and has been president of the National Institute of Health since 2009. He has not publically associated with BioLogos since he took the job with the NIH, though he apparently maintains close ties to the organization based on how quickly they were able to interview him when the genetically modified babies story broke in December 2018.  From what I can discover, BioLogos takes no public position on abortion. The word does not appear in a search of their site.  If they don’t take a position, that is shameful cowardice. Babies lives are at stake and apparently Collins and his organization are more worried about offending people than they are about doing the right thing.

Collins made his comments in the context of pro-life testimony before Congress that using aborted baby tissue is completely unnecessary for research. Since our tax dollars are currently funding such research, Congress is currently facing pressure to either cut or defund such research. Without getting into the politics involved, it does not surprise me that the government is funding such research. Most Congressmen are lawyers, not scientists, and some are likely unaware of the ethical implications…or simply fail to read the bills they pass.

Nor is it surprising that Collins fails to understand the ethical implications of using aborted tissue for research. When man is simply a highly evolved ape, as he is in Collin’s view, then the intrinsic value of each human life is removed. There is no way around this. The value of human life comes from sharing the image of God.  Human’s innately can tell the difference between animals and man.  This is why there was massive outrage a few months back over the Chinese scientist claiming to have made designer babies. If he had made designer chimpanzees, no one would have cared. But because he made designer humans, the world erupted in outrage, even in the scientific community.

In an evolutionary worldview, there is no reason to care about human life. However, to the creationist, since man is made in the very image of God, his life has intrinsic value. Thus killing babies in vitro for research purposes is wrong, and utterly indefensible both Biblically and scientifically

Ironically, despite Collins protestations to the contrary,  aborted baby tissue has resulted in no medical advances, nor has it been used successfully for anything, with the exception of vaccines, which I know a lot of people argue against as well.  Further, regardless of your opinion of vaccines,  other tissues work better in vaccines than aborted baby parts do anyway! Thus there is no medically necessary reason for using aborted baby tissue for any form of medical research.

None of these facts seem to matter to the ghouls at NIH nor the purported evangelical Christian at the top.  If Collin’s stance on abortion was shielded before, it is not now.  His founded organization takes no published position opposed to the barbarous practice, and he personally is perfectly alright with using the results of the butchery for scientific research.  This either intellectual cowardice or outright acceptance of abortion ought to be utterly unacceptable to Christians. The evangelical movement that both Collins and BioLogos profess to be a part of ought to demand to know their positions on abortion. Of course, moral cowardice of this kind comes as no surprise from a man and a group who reject what the Bible plainly says to try to be more acceptable to science.  BioLogos spends plenty of time attempting to fit evolution into the Bible, and contorts itself into knots in the process, yet fails to accept basic Biblical teachings like the sanctity of life.  Let these pronouncements by Collins serve as a warning to anyone considering BioLogos about just what you are getting when you accept evolutionary creationism.


NIH Chief Defends Research With Aborted Baby Parts: “It’s “Highly Justified”




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