Alien Absurdities

Evolutionists appear to be incredibly desperate to find aliens.  Finding aliens, particularly sentient ones, would, in their view, be a partial confirmation of their dogma. After all, if life evolved on earth, then it should also have evolved on other planets.  Usually, the assumption is that these planets needed to have similar conditions to earth in order for life to evolve. However, as these planets become even harder to find, and the few that do exist fail as candidates, the evolutionists have begun to get desperate.  They have tossed out numerous possible explanations that would permit life to evolve outside of earth’s special climate, including a really ridiculous one involving Titan.

The most recent example comes from an incredibly speculative article published by the Astrophysical Journal and picked up by numerous outlets, including Fox.  The idea behind this article is that carbon monoxide could be an element that could be part of the origin of life question.  Whereas previously, carbon monoxide had been dismissed as being irrelevant to the origin of life, now this team of researchers has postulated that carbon monoxide could be what is termed a “biosignature”. A biosignature is a chemical or another type of indicator that points to the possibility of life.

The researchers came to this conclusion based on two scenarios, one of the purportedly 300 million-year-old earth, which indicated there would have been much more carbon monoxide in the atmosphere than there is today.  The second scenario postulated that some red dwarf stars could have planets orbiting them. These planets were postulated to have oxygen-rich atmospheres, which would supposedly also contain a lot of carbon monoxide.  These scenarios led researchers to conclude that carbon monoxide could be a molecule necessary for life.

One thing that these researchers appeared to overlook in forming their scenario is that carbon monoxide is poisonous to a sizeable portion of life.  Carbon monoxide binds strongly to hemoglobin in the bloodstream. Hemoglobin carries the oxygen in the bloodstream. When carbon monoxide binds with the hemoglobin, oxygen cannot bind. This prevents the blood from transporting oxygen efficiently leading to death if the concentration is high enough or the exposure long enough.  However, this has no effect on plants and microbes. It is enough, though to preclude the development of sentient life as we know it.

As if the poison problem was not issue enough, this study is based on two scenarios. The first scenario, the 300 million-year-old earth, is fraught with problems. It makes a multitude of unverified assumptions. It assumes molecules to man evolution. It assumes that the earth is 300 or more million years old.  It assumes that the atmosphere of that ancient earth is known.  Those three assumptions underly the first scenario and are absolutely deadly if any one of them is false. In this case, all three are.

The second scenario makes assumptions too.  They assume that red dwarf stars have planets orbiting them. This assumption is not terrible, as some red dwarfs might have exoplanets. However, they then proceed to assume that some of these exoplanets have an oxygen-rich atmosphere, something we simply don’t know as no spacecraft has been close enough to tell. Further, this assumes that there also would be carbon monoxide in the atmosphere of these planets. Again, this is a major assumption, given the lack of even a shred of observational evidence to back it up. Not that evolutionists don’t make unobservable claims regularly.

Unfortunately, like most other studies, this is being presented to the public as likely or at least potentially fact, with none of the assumptions being openly acknowledged. Of course, acknowledging the assumptions might undermine the dogma and that would be unacceptable. Even more frustrating is the complete lack of observable data behind this study.  In one sense, I’m impressed. I sometimes struggle to fill my articles out to length. These researchers wrote a ten-page technical paper out of guesswork! I suppose that could be easier. After all, if you’re writing fiction, you don’t need to be constrained by such petty things as facts. However, to quote political commentator Ben Shapiro, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” No matter how much these evolutionists want this to be true, the fact remains that carbon monoxide is poisonous to any oxygen breathing life form and that assuming things without evidence is not proof they exist. Until such proof exists, please spare the public your absurd speculations.


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