The Coming Storm

Folks, I’ve been warning this was coming for some time now. It hasn’t hit the US yet, but it has bitten the UK hard. The LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup mafia will not tolerate any dissent or disagreement.  In fact, simply referring to someone as their birth gender rather than their confused gender is now enough to get you investigated by the UK police. Despite being unable to control Muslim rape gangs, or the random knife attacks plaguing the country, the police forces of the country are focused on people “misgendering” people on social media or on television.

This has been happening for the last few weeks, at least as far as it has been reported. The most recent incident I know of comes from an incident on national television in the UK, where a Catholic reporter, Caroline Farrow,  “misgendered” the transgendered child of a rabid transgender with a history of reporting people for “misgendering” people.  This comment was made on twitter after an on-air discussion with well known British news anchor Piers Morgan, himself by no means a friend to any conservative causes. Several months later, she was informed she needed to come to the police station for a taped interview and was told if she refused, she would be brought in by force.

To his credit, Morgan, despite his likely disagreement with Farrow’s stance, was furious about the interview requirement, reacting angrily on twitter. However, Farrow also claimed that supporters of the transgender behind the complaint had doxxed her, the practice of making public personal information such as home address, phone numbers and so on.  The transgender lobby had also issued a variety of threats from physical to sexual, both to Farrow and her children. One such threat involved going to her church, taking a picture, and posting it to her twitter, threatening to meet her there.  One would think that the police would be interested in addressing threats of violence, of which several types have been made. Instead, they seem more intent on determining if it is illegal to have an opinion. The penalty for her thought crime could be as much two years in prison, something the transgender activists have been absolutely giddy about on social media.

To be fair, not everyone who identifies as gay/transgender etc is like this and I personally know several people who identify as gay who are otherwise decent human beings. This likely constitutes a sizeable portion of the LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup alliance.  Many simply want to be left alone and are perfectly happy to coexist with the rest of us. However, they are not the ones guiding public policy, nor are they actively speaking out against this form of bullying.  Unfortunately, this is the expected result of years of ignoring the foundation of Scripture.

The Bible tells us in Genesis 1 that God made two genders at the beginning. Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”  In other words, there are two genders.  Further, since the verse explicitly tells us God made mankind, God makes the decision about what gender people are.  This foundation has been ignored by society and much of the church for over a century and this general trend in the UK is the result. By abandoning Genesis as the foundation of the Christian faith, the church has been unable to adequately defend the rest of its doctrinal teachings, such as marriage and family. Ultimately this movement in the UK to persecute people for standing up to the transgender pseudoscience babble is a result of the church abandoning its foundations.

Looking to the future, it is likely to get much worse in UK and indeed the majority of the western world.  Within the next few decades, we are likely to see a strong push to legalize pedophilia, which, barring a wholesale revival, will succeed.  Anyone who objects will be labeled a bigot, a pedophobe, and pushed out of public life or even into prison. However, perhaps, as it always has been in the past, persecution will help the church, by ridding it of the leeches, false teachers, and shams the proliferate in western Christianity.



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