Help Spread the Creation Message

This post is very different than what I normally do. I hate self-promotion. As a guy, I hate asking anyone to help us.  But I do need the help to keep promoting the creation message and to reach as many people as possible. Let me explain what is going on.  This was adapted from a post I put on facebook a few months ago.

As some of you know, we run ads through facebook periodically to increase our reach. Many of you follow our page because of an ad we ran. However, since we attempted to promote the post “Letter to an Abortion Supporter“, which Facebook blocked and never responded to our appeal, these ads have become less effective. For example, in September 2018, we promoted our post “Rapid Fossils” and got over 2000 views on the article. By contrast, at the end of March, we promoted the post “The Lactose Tolerance Mutation” and got a mere 200 odd views for the same cost. Our current ad, which is running in Spanish speaking countries as it is a Spanish article is doing even worse, having received a mere 29 views. The last Spanish language article we promoted, we had over 1600 views for the same cost. I could cite a bunch of other examples. It appears our ads are being deboosted.

I want to emphasize, this is not something we can prove in a court of law, else we would consider challenging Facebook in court. However, I think, given Facebook’s history of censorship, and the Biblical positions we take at In His Image, we can do basic arithmetic. 2+2=4. Facebook is noted for censoring people who take conservative positions. We take conservative positions. Our ads appear to be either censored or deboosted. Ergo, the elites at Facebook are censoring us.  Since we’re relatively small and don’t spend a lot of money by Facebook standards, we are an easy target.

Since our ads are being deboosted, it makes no financial sense for us to continue to use the Facebook ad system. This means this blog’s reach will greatly diminish. Whereas we once could reach tens of thousands a month with the message of the Gospel and Creation, now we are fortunate to reach around 500 a month. This is where you come in. Our reach is limited. Yours is not.  You know people who may enjoy our content that we at In His Image will never meet or even know exist.  If you like our content, please consider suggesting us to friends, or, even better, sharing our content on some form of social media. If you like our full presentations on YouTube, consider asking us to come speak at your church. We cannot expand without your help.  We appreciate any help you can provide us as we continue to uphold the authority and truth of the Bible right from the beginning.

As you can see, to continue reaching people, we need your help.  We’ve been doing what we can to increase our reach within the creation science community but that cannot make up for the loss of reach from the Facebook ads.  To continue to grow and expand In His Image, we need your help. Word of mouth can really help us get around the social media elite’s blackout on our ministries advertisements.  I’ve already covered some of these issues, but if you want to help us, here is what you can do.

  1. Share our content!

I cannot emphasize this point enough. Sharing our content allows us to reach people with the core message of creation and the Gospel that we would never have the opportunity to reach.

2. Like/Subscribe/Follow us on social media.

This matters because the bigger we get on social media, the more people we can reach and the harder we are for the tech companies to silence. A thousand people is more intimidating than several hundred for example.

3.  Consider having us to your church or local creation group to speak.

As we try to fight the social media crackdown and continue expanding, we need to increase our reach. One of the best ways to do that is to speak in new places. If you like the content on our YouTube channel (link at the top of the page), then consider having us come speak. We are available to speak to groups of any size so even if your group is small, we’ll still make the trip if we can.

4. Pray for us

This is by far the biggest thing you can do to help us. Pray God provides what we need and for opportunities to spread the Gospel.  Pray for this ministry to grow and that we remain focused on God, His Word and the ministry He has given us.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

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