An Affront to God

In case anyone didn’t recognize it, there is a war raging in the culture. Both sides are incredibly passionate about their points, which leads to a lot of tension and some very hot-tempered arguments. However, those on the left are much better at impacting public opinion and using the tools of government to push their worldview on the remainder of the culture.  This has become more and more apparent, particularly in the realm of transgender ideology.  I’ve covered the transgender myth multiple times on this blog before, but it’s been a while and I wanted to address this aspect of the ethos.

There has been a great deal of noise coming out of Canada, regarding the case of a divorced father and mother and their teenage daughter. The daughter decided that she wanted to transition to a man. The mother was supportive while the father was not. The father had at least partial custody. The Canadian court system has consistently ruled that she can be given hormones against her father’s wishes. Worse, it has placed an authoritarian gag order on the father, the father’s lawyer, and has threatened a conservative journalist reporting on the case with a similar order.  The gag order not only applies to any public comment on the case; it also applies to any comments the father makes towards his daughter. In other words, the father is not allowed to make any comments towards his daughter in the privacy of his own home which can be construed as disagreeing with his daughter’s choices, nor is he allowed to show her someone else making comments about her case.

On the heels of this case, comes the news that almost two percent of US high school students consider themselves to be transgendered.  This is hardly surprising, given that the US public school system is currently busy inviting drag queens to come and perform their lewd behaviors to even lower elementary school students, and ensuring parents are prevented from objecting.  Further, libraries are now regularly hosting “drag shows” some for children as young as kindergarten and, are sometimes barring parents from the performances.  It would appear that the left is winning and fast.

Of course, this should be a concern to Christians. Transgenderism is an affront to the nature of God because it wishes away His design. Genesis tells us that God made distinct categories of male and female in the beginning. Further, if you read the Psalms and Jeremiah. you discover multiple instances where it refers to God as deliberately forming the infant in the womb of the mother. “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5 This implies that God Himself forms each child in the womb and therefore determines what gender that child should be. Attempting to change genders essentially tells God that He made a mistake.  However, the Bible does tell us that God is perfect and inerrant, and therefore, cannot make a mistake.

Further, basic biology argues strongly against transgenderism. Men and women have significantly different reproductive structures, designed to do massively different things.  They are not even close to interchangeable, nor do men and women have the ability to produce the other gender’s structures. This is why there are surgeries which mutilate the reproductive structures of men and women to make them appear like the other gender. It is not something that happens naturally in general.

However, because the government is increasingly viewing tolerance as the supreme virtue and Christians are portrayed as intolerant because they refuse to compromise the Bible to fit the narrative, the transgender movement is rapidly becoming more mainstream.  Regardless of the culture, however, facts remain facts. Transgenderism ignores basic biological facts. Worse, it is an affront to God, because it implies that God is both fallible and prone to mistakes, and that man has the right to override God’s decisions. This is an attack on the very nature and character of God and thus deserves to be viewed as an affront. This is not to say we despise transgendered individuals; far from it. They ought to be treated with the same courtesy and kindness as anyone else. However, the transgender ideology is something that ought to be confronted at every turn.


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