Ocean Acidification Studies Unreplicable

One of the common refrains the environmentalists have been preaching for the last decade or so is that the rising global temperature is causing the oceans to acidify.  According to the environmental crowd, this acidification will cause behavioral changes in marine fishes, eventually leading to their mass extinction. Numerous studies have been published alleging this over the last few years. Recently, a research team out of the University of Montreal decided to attempt to replicate these studies. What they found is typical of most alarmist climate science.  They could not replicate the results.

The prior climate papers had made claims that tropical marine fish were displaying odd behavior as a result of the oceans supposedly acidifying. This acidification is supposedly occurring due to additional dissolved carbon dioxide due to climate change. Obviously, like other climate change claims, this does not mean what they want it to mean, but that’s a topic for another time. Supposedly these fish were swimming towards predators, rather than away, among other strange behavior.  The researchers from Canada, Australia, and Scandanavia, attempted to duplicate the studies showing this was happening.

Fortunately for the reef fish, but not so fortunately for the credibility of climate change alarmism, the scientists who performed the original studies appear to have been all wet. Using the same species the original studies did, and using the same methodology, the researchers discovered that there were significant issues. None of the supposed behavior changes could be replicated. Not a single one.  The researchers are quick to qualify that they believe climate change is real and a major threat to the planet. They just do not agree with this tiny aspect of the dogma.

Of course, climate change is real. It’s just not real in the sense these researchers and other climate alarmists want us to believe. Climates have been changing since the Flood. The Flood was a massive, earth-shattering event that reshaped the globe both on the surface and below the surface.  It makes sense that the reverberations from such a cataclysmic event would be felt even today.

Interestingly, with all the worry about increasing carbon dioxide emissions raising the global temperature, scientists are looking in the wrong place. Carbon dioxide is not the primary greenhouse gas.  In fact it has a very negligible effect on global temperature. The primary greenhouse gas on earth is actually water vapor.  The same water that comes from the clouds as rain is also the primary contributor to the global temperature.  This is hardly surprising if you actually pause and think about it.  Humidity, which is how much moisture is in the air, causes us to feel warmer. Globally, water vapor has the same kind of effect.

Worrying about global temperature is quite frankly, foolish anyway. We have rough temperature data back through history and, it turns out, climate has been cyclical since the Flood. Global temperatures plummeted right after the Flood during the Ice Age. They then slowly rose as the earth recovered from the Flood. Around the beginning of the Middle Ages or so global temperature rose instigating what is known as the Medieval warm period. It was so warm, the Vikings could plant and harvest crops in Greenland, something not possible in most of the island today. However, the Medieval warm period ended and the planet went into what is called the Little Ice Age. The Vikings ended up abandoning many of their settlements in the north as they no longer could make them productive.

In our current time, the temperature is slowly rising.  However, we appear to be coming out of the Little Ice Age. Thus the rise in temperature could actually be good for the planet’s productivity, not bad for it.  Driving this point home, carbon dioxide increase is good for plants. They use it as part of their food production.  In turn, they produce oxygen as a waste product. More plants as a result of more carbon dioxide means more oxygen for animals and man. Carbon dioxide is good, not evil.

Of course, climate change is not actually about facts, evidence, or data points. It is about a political agenda and advancing a particular secular worldview. Some of the climate protestors have admitted that their goal is not to stop climate change but to eliminate heterosexuality and redistribute wealth.  Yes, climate changes, but there is no threat whatsoever to the existence of the planet, or humanity.


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