Where Social Justice Leads

Some of my readers may wonder why I have been fighting the social justice, intersectionality, and critical theory religion so hard recently. I mean, it’s not like I spend that much time on any other religion (other than perhaps atheism).  Well, this post will answer this question, and, indeed, if you saw the title image, it already has.

The image in the header, along with the successive images you will see momentarily were posted on Instagram and Twitter by a woman who has completed the “deconstruction” process as prescribed by critical race theory and intersectionality. She has embraced the social justice mantra to its core. The sad part about it is she and her husband used to be very involved in ministry. Her husband was a pastor. And this is where critical theory took her.

Deconstructing Christianity 1 (2)

Hopefully, the problems with this tweet are obvious. For those perhaps new to Christian theology, we are repeatedly commanded to preach the Gospel to those who have not heard. In a word: proselytize. And if you believe that Hell is real, as Jesus taught, you cannot help witnessing to people because you don’t want them to die and go to Hell. This woman has embraced a completely unBiblical position. The first of many unfortunately.

Her comments on LGBTQ+ people being divine and leading us are frankly, bizarre. We have covered the Biblical problems with the LGBTQ+ previously so I won’t go back through them again other than to point out that God repeatedly condemns this lifestyle.

Deconstructing Christianity 2 (2)

While there may be some circumstances where not going to church is acceptable (ie you live in an area where there are no even decent churches), that is not this woman’s circumstance.  Hebrews 10:25 speaks to this issue. Church attendance for the Christian ought to be desired, not fought against.

The next claim even BioLogos would be too embarrassed to make.  The Bible attests to itself being the Word of God in far too many places to count. Over three hundred times alone it uses the phrases “Word of God” or “Word of the Lord”.  And if you don’t believe the Bible, you don’t get to claim to be Christian. Sorry, you don’t get to redefine words to suit your preferences.

She goes on to claim that adultery is not wrong and is, in fact, “sex positivity”.  God thinks otherwise. “Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4. She may not reconsider in this life, but she will when she faces God in judgment. For her sake, I hope it is sooner.

Deconstructing Christianity 4-6 (2)_LI

While I do not deny that people who call themselves Christians have abused other people, or used the Bible incorrectly to justify racism, the Bible itself is clear. We are to treat others the way we want to be treated (Matthew 7:12) and we are all one blood in Adam (Acts 17:26). Proper applications of Scripture resolves these issues. As for what the right thing for people is, running from Christianity is never the answer. Yes people inside the church can sometimes be hurtful and do things wrong. But that does not mean those things are God’s fault. They are the fault of sin, that man brought into the world. God created a very good world (Gene 1:31). It was man who broke it by his sin (Rom 5:12, 8:19-22).


Deconstructing Christianity 10 (2)

Like everything else, the title graphic represents a fundamental ignorance, willing or otherwise, of what the Scripture teaches. We are all one blood, one race, all descended from Adam and Noah. There are no “white” people, just like there are no “black” people.  There is but one race….the human race. Critical theory wants to divide. God wants those in Him, to unite.

These tweets and Instagram posts are where the path ends. If you walk the social justice path, this is where you end up.  In case you haven’t understood this article, let me state it plainly: if you choose to walk the critical race theory/social justice pathway, you will end up rejecting everything the Bible says. You will reject sexual purity, you will reject the Biblical command to witness to people, you will reject the Bible as authoritative, you will leave your church, you will walk away from everything you currently love and hold dear and you may well destroy your family in the process.

Now I’m asking you two questions:

  1. What’s your Christianity worth to you? Is it worth walking this blatantly false path?
  2. Are you willing to fight to keep this godless new religion out of your church? If not, try rereading this article and thinking about the consequences if even one of these false ideas gets a foothold in your church.  Think about what it would to your friends, your church family, your own home. If that doesn’t motivate you to fight, I don’t know what will.


And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD. Joshua 24:15

Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.


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