Pedophilia normal?

I raised the alarm on these pages over a year ago that, once homosexuality was normalized, pedophilia would be next.  This is one of those rare times I hate being right. A speaker at a TEDx forum in Europe fired the first shots in what is likely to be a couple of decades at least of a war over whether it is ok to have sex with a child. While the parent TED organization has apologized and is desperately trying to make this go away, those of us who actually care about our children cannot let this go. It’s a warning that we must heed, or homosexuality will not be the only legalized perversion.

Let’s break down what exactly happened that led to this article. For anyone who has not heard of it, (I hadn’t) TED is a media organization that holds an annual conference, as well as franchising its brand name out to smaller conferences.  Its slogan, ironically, is “ideas worth spreading”.  At a recent branded conference that the parent TED organization claims was unaffiliated with their group, a medical student got up on the stage and had the monumental gall to say that “pedophilia is an unchangeable sexual orientation, just like, for example, heterosexuality.”. That ought to raise a mountain of red flags right there. And it should tingle memories. Remember in the not so distant past people, including politicians and “experts” were saying that being a homosexual was an unchangeable sexual orientation. It’s literally word for word from the homosexual playbook! This is what they did to gain acceptance for themselves, and now these same self-styled experts are using it again to normalize pedophilia! In case you doubt that this actually happened, check out the first video I link below. Warning, you will need a strong stomach.

If this was all there was, some might be able to dismiss it. After all, TED apologized, we should be good right? However, this is not all.  In a previous TEDx talk, which the parent organization has not apologized for, and is still on their YouTube channel, a different speaker and psychologist had this to say about pedophilia.

“It’s like telling me, ‘We know that you love your boyfriend, and we don’t minimize that love. However, you cannot act out on it, ever! And on top of that,  you won’t be able to talk about it with anyone.  So unfortunately sometimes it does go wrong. Sometimes people do start offending.  And I’m not justifying this. On the contrary I work for police. I’m just saying that it’s a logical thing to happen…..We’re talking about biology. We’re talking about a sexual orientation that we cannot change.”

Pedophiles hurting children is a logical outgrowth of their having to suppress their desires in other words. I wish this was a sick twisted joke but it isn’t.  What this woman is doing is trying to take pedophilia from being a twisted mental disorder, to a logical outgrowth of suppressed feelings. It’s an unchangeable sexual orientation.  I’m sorry, but pedophilia is not normal, in fact, it is wicked and evil! No amount of false experts getting up on a stage with their fancy titles and lecturing me about how pedophilia is normal will ever change facts. Pedophilia is a vile, wicked perversion of how God designed marital relations to be.

Since there have been two TEDx videos saying pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation, it is fair to question whether this organization supports pedophilia. While I will not go as far as some and claim they do, there are some interesting facts.  They only apologized after a massive internet backlash for the more recent video.  Further, they did not apologize for the content of the talk, rather saying that the research may not have been cited correctly. They did not repudiate the statement that pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation.  The video I labeled video 2 below is still on the TEDx youtube page and has never been apologized for, even though it makes the EXACT same claims in different words. You be the judge.

“How did it come to this?” Theoden, King of Rohan Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

I grew up on the Lord of the Rings and, while I haven’t seen the movies, or read the books in over a decade, the scene from the Two Towers where Theoden wonders how he and his people came to be trapped in Helm’s Deep is still fresh in my mind.  It’s a fantastic piece of cinema but his words point us to the question many of us are asking. How did we get to a place where pedophilia is somehow even being close to considered normal?  It all comes back to the authority of God’s Word.  See, if there is no God and evolution is true, then who is to say pedophilia is wrong? After all, we’re just animals, right? Nobody tells a fish not to mate with a much younger fish, or a male lion not to mate with a barely sexually mature lioness.  If it’s not wrong for them, why is it for us?

By contrast, if there is a God, then it’s very easy and honest to condemn pedophilia. God commanded that sexual relations only happen between a man and woman who are married to each other. That would solve pedophilia, homosexuality, adultery, and fornication right there if we’d adhere to it.  It all comes back to Genesis one and two where God set the boundaries for marriage. If we ignore those verses if we ignore what God has plainly told us….what do we expect?


Update: This topic also turned into a rant on my Youtube channel, which you can view here if you wish. I included clips of both women making the statements I refer to in the article.  I am a bit frustrated so headphone users may want to lower the volume.

Pedophilia video 1

Pedophilia video 2


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