Moral Breakdown Pt3

Editor’s Note: In the last two parts we’ve looked at fourteen different metrics that point to where the culture is, drawing from a Gallup Poll. While slightly inconsistent, the culture is by and large trending towards degeneracy.  In this part, we will examine the final seven metrics.

As we have seen in the last two parts of this series, America’s moral fabric is coming apart. People condemn things that are innocent and applaud things that are evil. The pattern will continue in this part, but there are also bits of good news.

66% of Americans believe that the LGBTQ lifestyle is acceptable

Unfortunately, I’m hardly surprised by this.  The LGBTQ lifestyle has been making huge inroads into American life for the last few decades.  Of course, this lifestyle is condemned in both the old and new Testaments, with Paul calling it vile and unnatural in Romans 1. We’ve written extensively about this issueso I won’t belabor the point here other than to point out God views this sin as an abomination.

56% of Americans believe that medical testing on animals is acceptable

This number is much lower than it ought to be. There is nothing wrong with doing medical tests on animals. Obviously these tests should not be cruel for the sake of being cruel, but testing on animals provides us with great advances in medicine. Again, this comes back to man having dominion over the earth as it says in Genesis 1. Because man has dominion over the earth, he can use the things in the earth to better both himself and society at large. But, because people lack a Biblical worldview, more people approve of the LGBTQ lifestyle, which is sinful, than testing on animals, which is not.

54% of Americans believe that the death penalty is acceptable

I’m honestly surprised that this is this high.  Even some people in the pro-life movement have embraced the idea that ending the death penalty is somehow “pro-life”. It isn’t. God instituted the death penalty for murder in Genesis 9:6. “Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.” This was prior to the Old Testament law so even if you believe that the Law is no longer applicable, this is.  The reason the death penalty for murder exists is that man is made in the image of God. Whoever kills a man, destroys the image of God and should justly be punished the same way.

54% of Americans believe buying/wearing fur is acceptable

This one really got to me. Really? Barely half of America thinks buying fur is acceptable? When LGBTQ, fornication, gambling, embryonic stem cell research, birth control, and divorce are more acceptable than wearing fur, you know your nation has succumbed to moral degeneracy.  There is nothing wrong with wearing fur. Period.  In fact, the very first clothes were made of animal skins according to Genesis 3.  So this is absurd, and a strong sign that the culture has descended into abject moral madness.

51% of Americans believe doctor-assisted suicide is acceptable.

This one scares me. More than half of America thinks that doctor-assisted suicide is acceptable, yet only 18% believe plain suicide is ok.  Suicide does not become more acceptable because a doctor gave you permission to do it.  The inconsistency here is maddening. Humans are made in God’s image according to Genesis 1. Anytime a human commits suicide, it is a tragedy, even if a doctor helps.

44% of Americans believe abortion is acceptable.

This is good news. No really, this is good news. Having less than half the country thinks abortion is unacceptable is great.  However, the number should be zero.  Murdering a child in the womb should never be acceptable. Worse, this number is trending the wrong direction. Since this poll began in 2001, only once has the support for abortion been higher. We’ve written extensively about abortion so I will not belabor the point. However, just remember, abortion is murder, no matter how you slice it.

38% of Americans believe teen sex is acceptable

Oh boy is this arbitrary.  Underage kids shouldn’t be having sex, but sex between two adults is ok. Again, the inconsistency is frustrating. Why should it be any different when two teenagers have sex compared to two adults? Their age? Well, then why is two 18-year-olds having sex on their 18th birthdays ok, but not the day before? The absurdity of the secular position should be crystal clear.  The same arguments that apply to fornication apply here as well. God made sexual activity for the marriage relationship between one man and one woman for life.

Wrap Up

In case you haven’t noticed folks, we are rapidly losing the culture. In fact, it’s already lost. When divorce is more acceptable than wearing fur….the Christian culture your parents had and you may have grown up with is gone. It’s not coming back, through politics or anything else short of a miraculous revival. Given the state of most of the remaining churches in this country, I’m not expecting one of those. Get ready for a rough ride folks. It’s going to get a lot worse in a hurry unless Jesus comes back soon.  We need to be reaching as many people as we can while there is yet time.


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