A Tweetful of Falsehoods

Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a tweet from someone I don’t normally follow on twitter that may take the record for the most unorthodox statements in a single tweet. Many thanks to my friend ApoloJedi for commenting on this train wreck of a tweet and thus allowing me to see it. The tweet’s author is a youtuber and liberal Christian apologist who has been in the process of “deconstructing” his faith. Of course, deconstruction means moving left at the speed of light and abandoning all pretense at orthodoxy along the way. This tweet is remarkably indicative of what happens when someone deconstructs their faith. In fact, there are only two statement for which a Biblical case could be made in the tweet. Let’s take a look.

As you can see, this tweet is a raging dumpster fire. Amazingly during his deconstruction, he has hung on to his pro-life stance, though I predict that will change as he deconstructs further. However, most of the rest of the tweet is flaming debris. (Side note, I am not going to address the “Jesus loves all people” comment. The reformed and non-reformed folks can fight that one out in the comments if they want. Same goes for the Rapture comment.) That aside, let’s look at all these errors and show how the Bible refutes woke theology.

  1. The World IS about 6000 years old

This one is not explicitly stated in Scripture and with good reason. If God, when He dictated the last words of Scripture, were to have said the age of the earth at the time, it would have been roughly 4000 odd years old. However, by the Medieval period in around 1000 AD, the Bible would have contained an error: an incorrect age for the earth. However, a little bit of addition using the Bible reveals it’s about 2000 years from Christ to now, another roughly 2000 years from Abraham to Christ (both numbers accepted by mainstream scholars), and another two thousand years from Abraham to creation. You do this by adding up the reigns of kings in the old testament and how old the patriarchs were when they had their first child. It’s relatively straightforward. If we intend to believe the Bible as it is written, not as we want it to sound, then the earth must be roughly six thousand years old.

2. Genesis 1 IS talking about material creation

Genesis 1 (technically Genesis 1-11) does describe real literal history. Hebraists pretty much universally agree that the writers of Genesis intended to convey literal history. Further, the way it is written matches much more closely with the narrative accounts in 1, 2 Samuel, 1, 2 Kings, and 1, 2 Chronicles than it does with the poetic passages in Song of Solomon or Psalms. The statements in Genesis 1 and onward read like history. Further, since there is no clear demarcation between Genesis 11 and Genesis twelve, and they both read like history, I find it very interesting that chapter 11 is not history yet chapter twelve somehow is. In other words, at what point do we draw the line, and why is it arbitrary like that?

3. The Flood WAS Global.

This one should be blatantly obvious simply by reading the text. The Bible tells us that the all the earth was covered, the mountains were covered, and that all flesh died, and every man. Now how is it possible to have a local flood that covers all the mountains? By all the naturalistic processes known in the world, water does not stand up in a wall after it crests the top of the mountain. It starts running down the other side. The leaps of logic to have the flood happen as described in Genesis, but not be global are absolutely stunning.

4. Women CANNOT be pastors.

Sorry ladies, not me, the Bible makes this abundantly clear. The way the wokesters try to get around it is appealing to Phoebe, who was a messenger that carried Paul’s letter to Rome. They claim this gives her the authority of a pastor (not joking, I’ve heard woke SBC “pastor” Dwight McKissic say this) . The logic here is so absurd that I’d laugh if it was not so wicked. This is like saying that because the postman delivers a letter from my pastor that the postman must also be a pastor. That’s absolutely absurd, but welcome to the woke world, where proper exegesis goes out the window right along with sound logic.

6. Christian Nationalism

To address issue six, on Christian nationalism, we need to figure out what he means. I presume he means people who support president Trump? It’s very unclear. Most likely, because he’s woke, he means patriotic conservatives like me who love America and want to keep her free, safe, and strong. Is that nationalistic? Maybe, if you stretch the definition of nationalism. However, what I love about America isn’t her laws, or her flaws (of which she has her share). It’s her founding on Judeo-Christian principles. Sure the founders didn’t get everything right (slavery was a big mistake), but the laws they built were on the framework of the Bible.

So if Christian nationalism means that we want our laws to most closely reflect Biblical principles, then it is absolutely Biblical. I suspect he means to imply a slanderous hint of racism here, but racism and race segregation laws are not Biblical and thus cannot be described as reflecting Biblical principles. Depending on what he means by this term, it could be good or bad. If it means what I think it means, (other than the attempted racism tie in) it’s absolutely Biblical.

7. Black Lives Absolutely Matter (but the organization is evil)

This is an important distinction. Obviously black lives matter, but so do the lives of the cops the heros of the BLM movement were trying to take. So do the lives of unborn black children who are slaughtered at a disproportionate rate. So do the black families being split apart. So do the black lives taken by other blacks. yet BLM never wants to talk about those black lives and neither do their woke Christian friends. If you want more on how evil the BLM movement is, read Jeremy Sanders’ excellent article “Black Lives Matter: An Organization From Hell

This tweet belongs in the trash bin along with the theology that underpins it. it exemplifies what happens when you abandon Genesis and begin to go woke. However, more and more people within the church are starting to think this way. Expect the faithful Christians to become increasingly remnants within their own churches as more and more people start to go woke.

Do you know what’s going to happen when you die? Are you completely sure? If you aren’t, please read this or listen to this. You can know where you will spend eternity. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us, we’d love to talk to you.

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